You Know You’re a Fashion Blogger When…

Happy Monday, lovelies!

This post is for all my fashion blogger friends out there! I’m recapping some of my favorite things about blogging today and I hope you all can relate. šŸ˜€

Top: Chicwish (sold out – similar here)

Skirt: LC Lauren Conrad (old – similar here) (also LOVE this one)

Shoes: Simply Vera- Vera Wang (old – similar here)



You know you’re a fashion blogger when…

*You stay up late putting together outfits for next week’s blog posts…then stay up even later writing posts for this week. It’s not like you have to work in the morning or anything..

*You started your first blog by taking mirror selfies and thought it was cool.

*You had a blog a few years ago, but deleted it when other people found out you had a blog. When you finally stopped caring what people thought about you…you started another blog….many years later. 

*You want to redesign your blog every few months.

*You use whatever camera (or phone) you have on hand because you’re not ready to “invest” in a more expensive one.

*You get excited about adding something to your blog via html and not screwing anything up.

*You apply to RewardStyle half a dozen times and FINALLY get in…then celebrate by dancing in your living room.

*You get reposted on a huge website…and smile for a month.

*You get rejected by “big” blogging sites because your following is too small. :’-(

*You research blog topics for dayssss and still can’t find what you’re looking for.

*You get upset that the lighting in your house isn’t “working right” for your flatlays.

*You are worried about the sun being “too bright” in your outdoor blog photos, so you avoid it at all costs.

*You tell people you’re working on a school project when they come up and ask why you’re taking photos.

*You get excited when someone outside your family and friends recognizes you from your blog….because you didn’t know anyone else actually read it.

*You try to take photos with a self timer and fail miserably. You, then, enlist some poor, unsuspecting person to be your personal photographer.


*You get excited to see the word “collaboration” show up in your email inbox.

*You start stalking everyone’s NYFW photos…and cry a little inside.

*Your car turns into a portable dressing room on shoot days. (Sometimes you store outfits in your trunk just in case…)

*You almost get arrested for “trespassing” while taking blog photos.

*You’re hands are glued to Instagram 24/7.

*You start bringing your phone everywhere and taking pictures of everything just in case you need the shot for your Instagram feed.

*You have explain what a fashion blogger is because some people just don’t get it.

*Your Facebook feed is always bombarded by webinar and workshop ads.

*Your notifications are off the charts because you’re in too many Facebook groups.

*You start taking the long way home from work (your real job) to scout new shoot locations.

*You have a closet overflowing with clothes but still have nothing to wear.

*You’re “best friends” are the blogger friends that you’ve never met in person.

*You’d rather be at home blogging and not making any money than at your day job that pays the bills because you feel like you finally found your calling.

Can anyone else relate? Did I leave anything out?

Let me know in the comments below!


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