Welcome to my New Website

Welcome to my New Website


Welcome to my New Website


After a weeklong and much needed hiatus from blogging (if you don’t count working behind the scenes ha!), I am back!

I have completely redesigned and rebranded my entire blog. I have been dreaming of this day even before I started this blog, but wanted to be sure it was all in good time and when and if I got serious about blogging. Well folks…here it is! HTML and all… 🙂


The first change and most obvious change you may have noticed is that I bought my OWN domain. Long gone are the days of ending my site with BlogSpot.com and I can’t believe I didn’t do this in the first place! Talk about a lot of work. Trust me when I say that I will be doing a post on that later on.


Designing a website is tedious work and you really just have to experiment through trial and error. I am very happy with the new design and think that it speaks volumes about my brand personality. From the colors and fonts to the layout and added details, a lot of thought, time and energy went into this creation and I’m sure you all can attest to this since we’ve all been there at one time or another.


New Features:

There are a lot of new, added features! Yippee! Here is a short tour of the new site.


A search bar has been installed on my new website to make searching for posts a bit easier. You also search by using the tags in each post andddd….by using the categories bar right below the main content bar. You can actually hover over the “fashion,” “lookbook,” “beauty,” “lifestyle,” and “blogging” tabs for sub categories to direct you right where you need to go if you looking for something specific! So…I’m going to geek out for a minute because I am just TOO excited about the categories bar! I did it all with HTML and customized it completely. It took forever and I can’t believe it actually worked! I haven’t used that since junior high haha!Yay!

Social Media:

I’m not sure if many of you are aware, but you can actually pin any of the images to Pinterest if you need a little bit of inspiration. Just hover over the photo of choice and click the “pin it” button in the top left corner. A snippet of my Instagram has been added to the footer so you can see what I’m up to outside the blog. And if you aren’t following…why not? Let’s be friends! 🙂

Link ups:

In the main content bar on my new website, under “Where I Party,” you will find a list of link ups that I participate in that you could also link up your content to. You will also notice my link up button on the right hand side bar. Feel free to copy the code and spread the word about the link up! The more, the merrier!

Similar Posts:

Since I was going a little HTML crazy, I also added a section at the bottom of each post with links to “similar posts you may like.” You can also find my most popular recent posts along the right hand side bar under the archives.


The old way of commenting was not the most convenient for me. I would lose track of comments on my new website and it became too time consuming to keep up. I felt so guilty if I forgot to reply or simply did not see the comment so I made the conscious decision to install Disqus. This platform really allows all of us to interact with one another in a much easier way and I feel like there is a better sense of community, which is so important for me.


When I first started blogging, I really didn’t think anyone would read it…let alone comment on it. It really was just an outlet to showcase my outfit and spark creativity that can get lost when we become all too consumed in our day to day lives as “adults that work in an uncreative field.” It really has grown to so much more than that and although, I still use it as a creative outlet for my outfit, I have found throughout this process that I can truly offer more than that.

So these changes, my friends, are not for me….but for you. I wanted to make it easier for you all to find things you’re searching for by adding various ways to look for them and to create a sense of community by being able to chat with you all on a commenting platform that makes communication a lot more fun and easy.

If you have been here from the beginning (and even if you haven’t), I thank you all so much for your continued support. I really am so happy to have made friendships through this when I felt so alone and isolated. Blogging has been a blessing to me in so many ways and I’m glad to share this adventure with you!

I hope you love my New Website!

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