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Photo Credit : Holly Carlyle Photography


Yesterday was very special day…our 2nd wedding anniversary! Woo!


I wanted to share a little glimpse into our wedding day. It was seriously the best (and busiest) day of my life. I don’t think people realize how much work it is! My husband and I paid for the majority of the wedding ourselves so we did ALOT of DIY, which is fine with me because I love being crafty (plus we saved a TON of money!). 🙂


Dress & Accessories:


This dress is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen! At first I was trying a bunch of ball gowns, but they were so overwhelming. I didn’t think that I could wear a mermaid style because of my hips, but it actually made them look smaller! The dress itself is entirely of lace. There are a few special details on it such as the 3D pink applique flowers all over and a see-through lace train….gorgeous! Is it bad that I still wear this around the apartment sometimes? Ha! Shoes were Betsey Johnson, of course. Looks at those bows! My birdcage veil was one of my DIY’s and I love the way it turned out! I wore two necklaces….the original one I bought as well as one from my great grandmother. Instead of a floral bouquet, I opted for a brooch bouquet. I love the look of floral, but I couldn’t stand paying that much for something that would die in a few days. Our wedding was vintage inspired so I came across brooch bouquets. They were very expensive as well…a few hundred dollars! I decided to make my own. I made clay roses, fabric flowers, and added a bunch of brooches, including some from my great grandmother. Lots of lace, sparkle and a special locket with our pictures in it was added. I loved how I could customize it to make it so special to me….that can’t be bought.




Our wedding took place at a gorgeous lodge a few hours from where we live. It has a cute bridge, beautiful pond and garden, and a double stair case with balcony. This used to be someone’s house…crazy! The whole lodge is in the mountains and surrounded by huge oak trees and rolling hills. Ceremony was outside on the lawn with rose petals scattered about and some lovely floral arrangements hanging from hooks. The song I walked down to was “Moon River”…the one Audrey Hepburn sang in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.




Reception was held inside the lodge. Our colors were coral, peach and cream. Each table had a cream table cloth with coral overlay (those both were so hard to find) plus a stack of antique books, doilies, and bottles/ jars filled with a mix of the most gorgeous flowers! The jars and bottles were another one of my DIYs. I loved them so much that I have a few spread throughout our apartment. Each table had a different set up of the same items. Appetizers were  mini deep dish pizzas, calzones and veggies. Dinner was chicken alfredo and ravioli with bread and salad from our favorite pizza place back in town.


Overall, we had a beautiful day! It went by so fast though. I felt like I hardly did anything except set up everything and take pictures lol! I told my husband that I want to do it again…but no guests 🙂 Just he and I. Haha! My husband is super amazing. I marry him again in a heart beat. <3



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