Travel Diaries: Switzerland

Hello beauties!

Today, I’m ending my European trip in Switzerland! Switzerland ended up being our absolute favorite! The green hills, blue lakes and snowy mountains looked so unreal. It was like looking at a post card from every angle. Switzerland is definitely a place you want to put on your bucketlist and if you only go to one country in your lifetime, make it this one.

Get read for some serious wanderlust… <3

We started our Swiss adventure in Lucerne, a beautiful lakeside town! We only got to stay for the night, but I wish we could have stayed longer.

The Kapellbrucke Bridge is one of the landmarks that Lucerne is most famous for. It’s absolutely gorgeous in person and much like everything else in Switzerland, it’s covered with flowers.

There were TONS of shops and Lucerne definitely boasted the best souvenir collection out of all of our destinations.

We had ALOT of pizza on our trip, but I just have to say that the best pizza and ice cream we had in our entire lives was in Lucerne. It was better than anything we had in Venice or Rome….and that’s a lot of pizza and ice cream!

We took the most scenic train ride to Interlaken where we hitched another ride to Lauterbrunnen. This is where we stayed the next two nights.

And let me just say that Switzerland is comparable to …Disneyland. Perfect in every way! Unlike a few other places we stopped at during our trip (that were normal, mind you), there was NO graffiti or trash anywhere. Flowers lined nearly every window…and upon inspection, I did not see any dead flowers. It was a funny sight to see people mowing the hills early in the morning…every morning…and if you look at these hills, you will wonder how they even managed to landscape them so perfectly! It was the craziest thing.

The first day, we went hiking around the village and found a waterfall nearby. Actually…there were TONS of waterfalls…I’m talking hundreds.
We ate pizza for dinner and as good as it was, it still did not match up to the one in Lucerne.

This is where we stayed 🙂 We didn’t take many outfit photos as we spent most of time hiking around.

The view from the train. I’ve never seen water this color before! In reality, it was a thick blue-grey….so pretty!

On the second day, we decided to head up to Jungfraujoch aka the top of Europe (highest train station in Europe). It’s a peak in the Swiss Alps that has an observatory (one of the highest in the world!), ice palace, glacier, restaurants, Lindt chocolate factory (my fave!) and all kinds of fun things to do! While expensive (VERY expensive), this was the one thing my husband requested to do so we saved up extra money for it. When I bought the tickets, my heart sank a bit but it was worth every penny and it ended up being the best thing we did on our entire trip!

“The hills are alive…with the sound of music…”

I did not realize just how much snow there would be in late August! It was also surprisingly warm. My husband wore a light cardigan and I wore a light jacket without any problems.

Overlook: On a clear day, apparently, you can see all the way to Germany and France!

While up there, we did everything you can possibly do. We hiked a bit and even ziplined in the snow (my first time)! We made sure to stop for some Lindt Chocolates and a beautiful watch for my husband on the way out.

The Aletsch glacier, most of which has melted away.

We took a trip through the “ice palace” which housed all kinds of ice sculptures and tunnels. My husband was super excited about this lol!

Our view from the train on the way down <3 (If you ever go to Jungfraujoch, make sure to sit on the right hand side.)

Switzerland was love at first sight! Both places we visited were so different but were equally beautiful. Lucerne has a more resort type feel and was very upscale, while the Alps area was very relaxing and full of hikers (and cows!). I love exploring the outdoors so it was definitely a treat. It was actually added to our agenda last minute. It’s always been on of my bucket list of places to see, but my husband wasn’t completely sold until I showed him photos. He fell in love with Paris and wouldn’t admit to me that he loved Switzerland even more until after we returned from our trip. It’s all that he has talked about since!

Our Europe trip, as a whole, was such a dream come true! We hit a lot of touristy places because I wasn’t sure that we’d ever be able to come back. Well, we are now in the process of saving up once again for a second trip haha! Traveling does that, I suppose. My husband made the request that we visit less places and spend more time there. On his list…Paris and Switzerland. I’d like to fit Austria in there somewhere, but we will see haha.

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Check out the rest of my travel posts for Paris, Venice & Rome, and London. Every place was so amazing!

What would be your dream place to visit?


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