Top Blog Posts of 2018

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top blog posts of 2018


The beginning of the New Year is always my favorite time to go back and reflect on the previous year. Last week, I bared my heart and reflected on 2018 by sharing things that went well, those that need improvement and the lessons I learned through it all in a deeply personal post. As I shared my personal journey of self discovery with you, I was met with the most kind and encouraging responses. You all are truly amazing and I am so grateful for you being the support system I needed to get through it all. <3

Today, I’m sharing my top blog posts of 2018… and this is actually the first time I’ve done this sort of thing so let me know your thoughts. I loved seeing which posts resonated with you last year and I hope to create more of that for you this year!


Top Blog Posts of 2018


How to Wear Petite Maxi Dresses

I was very surprised to see this post at the top of the list! In the new year, I’ll be sharing more petite friendly options and tips and tricks to look taller (because that’s the dream, right?) 😉


Top Blog Posts of 2018


Why It’s Okay to Be a Girly Girl

This is probably one of my favorite posts ever so I’m happy to see it was one of yours as well! This is a very personal post that speaks to my style and why I dress the way I do. I’ll be sharing a follow up post in the coming months!


Top Blog Posts of 2018


My Top 9 Favorite 2018 Fashion Trends

Loved seeing that you all loved this one… I mean, fashion is our passion after all haha! I’ll be sharing my top trends for 2019 shortly so stay tuned!!


Top Blog Posts of 2018


I Quit: Why I Stopped Substitute Teaching

This is probably one of the biggest posts I’ve ever shared on the blog. I appreciate how supportive you all are in my endeavors and I love that you all take an interest in my life and getting to know me as a person. An overwhelming amount of you have asked that I include more personal moments on the blog and Instagram and while it’s been hard for me to open up in the past, I’m excited for you to get to know the girl behind the blog a little bit more 😉


Top Blog Posts of 2018


Dreamy Presets: Editing with the Millennial Pink Preset

I’m so happy to see you all taking an interest in photography as much as I do! As I grow in my photography, I’ll be sharing more tips with you all including one of my most asked questions: how I edit my Instagram photos. I also have a couple of special projects in the works 😀


Top Blog Posts of 2018


My 2018 Goals

I love how goal oriented you all are and I am planning to help you stay on track for 2019! I’ll be sharing my annual goals post this Friday along with a giveaway to help you stay organized so make sure to stop by!


Top Blog Posts of 2018


Three Essential Products for Your Skincare Routine

Skincare is super important to me so I was happy to see that you all are interested as well! I’m sure that you’ve noticed an increase in beauty posts in the last couple of months and I’m excited to make this topic a regular monthly occurrence.


Top Blog Posts of 2018


4 Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

I am ecstatic that you all could identify with this post! It seems like a lot of us are in the same boat (but we are so lucky to have each other in this amazing community!). In my effort to get more personal on the blog, I’ll also be including more topics that we can all relate to and help each other with moving forward. <3


Top Blog Posts of 2018


The Most Feminine Spring Outfit

This was one of my favorite outfits and shoot locations of the year! A lot of my top posts were very heavy on the writing so I’m glad to see that a simple outfit post was included (especially since it includes my all time favorite dress ha!).


Top Blog Posts of 2018


The Only Sweater Dress You Need This Season

Another outfit post! This sweater dress is still a favorite of mine, so I’m happy to see you loved it too! I’m definitely taking advantage of it with this chilly weather.


Top Blog Posts of 2018


17 Expert Bloggers Share Their Best Blogging Advice

Some of my most popular posts are those included in my Business of Blogging series, something I introduced last year! This post in particular is one of my faves because it was a collaborative effort of over a dozen bloggers. You guys also loved the one about Social Media Advice so I’ll be sure to share a similar post in the future!



2019 Blog Changes

At the beginning of each year, I try to change things up.  Here are a few things you can expect for 2019:


Website Updates



  • All of my series will continue to be posted once a month (re-starting this month and Feb):
  1. Girl Boss: Interviews from various entrepreneurial women that are killing it!
  2. Business of Blogging: Advice on blogging, social media and related areas
  3. Motivation Monday: Motivating and inspiring posts for a more fulfilling life
  4. Real Talk: Personal posts about situations we all go through
  5. Q & A: Themed Q & A post surrounding various topics – this is a new series that I’ll be trying out and is your opportunity to ask your most desired questions in line with each month’s theme
  • A monthly recap post – this is something new that I’ll be trying out for January that will recap all of my favorite things from the month along with personal tidbits



  • Adding Instagram story only content and sharing more behind the scenes
  • Possible product photography workshop and/or presets (is this something you’d be interested in?)
  • The birth of my YouTube channel

Yes, you read that right! Lizzie in Lace will be expanding into video this year – eek! This is probably the thing I’m most excited about. It’s been a long time coming haha. Stay tuned!



I hoe you loved my top blog posts from 2018! Which was your favorite post?

Are there any specific topics you’d like me to include for 2019? Any feedback you’d like to share?

Let me know below!



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