The Struggles of Being Authentic


Hi beauties! 

Today’s post is short and sweet! A little over a week ago, I was “having a moment” (lol) and after chatting with my husband, he told me that I should probably share in a blog post or video to make myself feel better since there are likely so many other people that are also going through these things. I wrote an entire post and still had so much more to say so I just decided to post the video instead (maybe one of these days I’ll finish the post and publish). If you feel inclined, feel free to watch. I talk about the struggles of being authentic in the digital world and my fear of not being “successful.” I don’t really get too “deep” in my posts so it’s a little terrifying to share such an open post but I think it’s something that will resonate with most people (or I hope so at least).Think of it like a diary 😉 And for the record, I’m feeling much better now haha! These feelings come and go sometimes but I felt I had to document before I talked myself out of it 😉

Have you ever felt this way or gone through something similar? 

Would love to know! <3


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