The Lady with the Camera

With all the comments I receive daily about my blog photos (thank you!), I thought I would introduce you all to the magical mystery women behind the camera….my sister, Miranda.


Good photography is important because we are all such visual people. I started a blog many years ago showcasing outfits by taking mirror pictures from my phone. It did not serve my outfits any justice and didn’t look the most professional. This time around, I had originally planned to use a remote to take my own pictures. However, what I didn’t know was that my camera does not remote capabilities. I was heart broken. The 10 second timer thing with a tripod wasn’t working for me (couldn’t get the angles right and I looked unnatural), so I asked my sister if she would be interested in taking some photos just to see how they would come out. So my sister, who has no previous photography experience other than taking pictures from her phone, just kinda winged it. Needless to say the photos were fantastic! We were both surprised so I “hired” her immediately to be my blog photographer and she is now thinking about doing it professionally. Talk about taking a chance!

To introduce such a vital part of this blog, we did a mini shoot and I asked her a few questions so you could all get to know her.



Tell me about yourself:

*My names Miranda Kristen. I’m 22. I love to have fun and hangout with my friends. In my spare time, I take photos of my sister for her fashion blog Lizzie in Lace!

                                      How long have you been interested in photography?


I’ve been interested in photography since high school. I recently got back into it when my sister said she wanted my help.


Do you want to do this professionally?


It has interested me for about 7 years. But recently I started doing it and really getting into it.


I want to do this professionally. I feel I am really good at it and I can work my way up to being great at it.



What do you like to photograph?

I like photograph anything. People, right now, are my favorite cause they make the picture come to life by doing their own poses or being posed.


What are your goals for the future?

*My goals for photography would to be to work my way up and start my own business and go from there!


What do you like the most about taking pictures?

When it comes to taking the pictures, I like how it all looks beautiful to me. No matter what it is I photograph, the picture comes to life in its own way.


Has photography helped you in anyway?

Photography has helped me personally because once I started taking photos again I saw how good I was at it and now it’s something I want to pursue.


Do you have any special tricks?

I wouldn’t really say I have any special tricks at the moment. I just focus on if it looks good or not and take the photo.


What has been your favorite location so far?

My favorite location so far would have to be wind wolves. The lighting is perfect and the green hills made everything else stand out in each photo. The scenery was magnificent.


What are you other interests?

My other interests include drawing, at times. I like music, video games, reading, singing, and dancing.



So now you know who takes my pictures and how it came about.

As far as equipment is concerned, we are using a Nikon Coolpix L830 that I got for Christmas. The images are sharp, crisp and clean for being a point and shoot that is super affordable. I have a tripod we use every now and then, but 99% of the time she is holding and snapping away.

All images taken have very little editing. Miranda takes the photos and I edit. Although the Nikon came with editing software, I still use a Kodak software that I’ve had forever just because it’s super easy to use and I’m used to it. As far as editing, all I do is crop, up the white balance just a hair and mess with the brightness and contrast. Nothing else has been altered in any way. Pretty much, what you see is what’s really there.

Even though this is my personal style blog, I cannot take credit for everything. I think this is true for a lot of blogs out there. Yes… I do the majority of the work for this blog, but if I did not have this lovely lady taking my photos, I don’t know what I would do.  Everything is well thought out, from the locations we shoot to the outfits I style, and I make sure they play off of each other well…..but that doesn’t mean anything without someone documenting from behind a lens. Anyone can hold a camera, but not everyone can capture a great image. This girl is extremely talented for being a rookie photographer and I am so excited for her future. Just look at her very first images from the beginning of this blog…incredible right?

I originally started this blog to showcase my outfits, but it has turned into being not only about the clothes I wear, but the amazing photography as well. Although my presence is very prominent on here, the most vital part is what is happening is behind the scenes. Thank you to my sister who is the most important part of this blog. I love seeing much you have grown so far and am so excited to see where this takes us. And thank you so much to all of you who have given her an abundance of support, have helped her discover a hidden talent and uncovered her true love of photography from your kind words. It means so much to both of us. Yay Miranda! <3



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