The First Six Months




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Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher


Holy moly! I can’t believe it’s been six months since I started my blogging adventure! As I reflect on my very first post ( here ), I can’t help but be thankful for everyone and everyone that has supported me thus far. I used to read blogs daily and hope that one day I could have my own….that I could share my love of fashion and make new friends in the process. It took a long time to research everything and gain enough confidence in myself to make this a reality, but the wait was worth it!


The past six months account for one of the craziest and busiest times of my life. In the midst of 65+ hour work weeks full of substitute teaching in and out of town (including 3 long term jobs) and running my business as a traveling guitar instructor, I decided to start this blog. Yes, I was crazy busy, dead tired all the time and honestly, downright terrified of what people would think, but I realized that there will never be a “right time” to do anything and that I need to do what makes me happy so Lizzie In Lace was born.


The past few months have given me the opportunity to reflect on my life and get to know myself a little bit better. I realized that working so much was causing me to sacrifice a lot of things that were important to me. Fashion is the 3rd love of my life (after God and the hubby) and I have endured so many roadblocks over the past ten years while pursuing my dream of designing clothes. I had almost given up on my dream until I discovered blogging. It has brought that joy and creativity back into my life when I thought it had been lost and has given me the push I needed to keep my dream alive.


A few months ago, I was approached with a handful of career opportunities that would have taken me in a different direction. Not a terrible situation to be in, but overwhelming for sure. I felt like I was being pulled in so many different directions, but none of them felt right. Honestly, I am enjoying this journey that I’m on… as non-traditional as it may be. I have a deep love for music and am so lucky that I have been able to share it with hundreds of students (and change a few lives!) for the past ten years. A few months ago, I started a second business selling some of the most unique, beautiful and fun clothing I have ever seen. Having a boutique has always been one of my dreams and I am so happy to see it take form. I have always been one to take on way too many tasks and cutting back my work hours has been a struggle, but it has been rewarding in so many ways. I have more time for my husband and I have more time for myself. I think success means different things to different people and to me, it means happiness and freedom.


With that being said, I hope that I never lose my joy for blogging and hope that someday I will have the luxury of doing it full-time because I truly love it that much. I am so thankful for the opportunities that have come from this hobby of mine and so blessed to have the most amazing readers. Sometimes life gets busy, but you all keeping me going with your encouragement and support. Thank you for a fantastic 6 months. Here’s to many more!





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