The Comfiest T-Shirt Dress

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I hope your week is off to a great start! Today, I’m talking about this comfy and cute t-shirt dress anddd about the struggles of cleaning out my closet….ugh! Plus I have an amazing Nordstrom giveaway at the end of this post for you 🙂










Outfit Details: 


Dress: Joules c/o | Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad (old – similar here [on sale!] and here) | Bag: Kate Spade (old – similar here and here) | Rocksbox Bracelet & Necklace (get a free month here or use my Rocksbox code ELIZABETHBFF651)| Bow Cuff: Kate Spade (old – similar here, here and here)


Remember my darling floral raincoat from Joules? Well, this print comes on this adorable t-shirt dress too! I’m not normally a shift dress kind of gal but this one was just too cute to pass up. The colors are so pretty and I love the mix of the stripes with the floral print. The fabric has a nice thickness while also being breathable and comfortable. It would be perfect styled with a pair of cute sneakers for a casual day out. Of course, I’m always overdressed so I paired with a scalloped lilac crossbody, nude heels, a fun necklace and two adorable gold cuffs.

Speaking of dresses, I’m sure that at one point you’ve thought “wow, this girl has a lot of clothes!” …and in fact, you would be right in this hypothesis. I have ALWAYS loved clothing and over the years (especially since I’ve started blogging), this love has caused my wardrobe to become a crazy explosion of sparkle, lace and tulle. Of course, I’m not hoarder status, but there comes a point when walking into your closet to pick out an outfit becomes an overwhelming, if not impossible, task. The problem is….I’ve always had issues with letting go. As silly as it may sound, I can’t bear to part with my favorite dress even though it’s old and worn out….or that top that I paid way too much for and never wore….or that skirt that was given to me by someone special even though it’s not quite my style…or that blazer that I wore to my previous job that I no longer need but hang on to it “just in case”….or that dress that doesn’t fit anymore, but will if I lose 10 lbs… or that jacket that fits perfectly and looks great on me, but just isn’t who I am anymore. See where I’m going with this? I am emotionally attached to my clothing. Even worse is that, I take very good care of my items and hate the thought of parting with something that barely looks worn (or worse…if I haven’t even worn it). I do go through my closet quite often and take out a few items here and there, but I just end up completely overwhelmed and stop. Therefore, years and years of clothing have built up.

This weekend, something inside me snapped. I was tired of feeling stressed out and decided that I needed to do a complete clean out and force myself to go through with it. I spent an entire day going through EVERYTHING. It was painful and liberating at the same time. Who would have thought that piles of fabric could evoke such emotion? These items didn’t serve me anymore and it was time to let go. It doesn’t make sense for me to hold on to things that I no longer wear when someone else could use them. It made me feel better to think that some of my old favorites could become someone else’s most treasured item. And it makes no sense to keep them around taking up valuable (and limited) space in my apartment. I don’t need to keep those items that I have an emotional attachment with because I “think” they are sentimental…. or those items that no longer fit and by the time they do, they may not be my style anymore…. or those items that I like, but never wear and keep around “just in case” I feel the urge to wear it one day….or those items that I kept from my previous job just in case things “didn’t work out” and I decided to go back….or those items that I paid way too much money for and only kept because getting rid of them would remind me of my financial mistakes. Lesson learned. I ripped of the band-aid and let them go. A car full of clothing is packed up to be donated and it feels so freeing! I now have a closet full of my most treasured pieces that make my heart smile <3

What do you have a hard time letting go of?



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