Summer 2022 Bucket List & Intentions

Feminine Fashion Blogger Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares her Summer 2022 Bucket List & Intentions along with a pretty lilac princess dress and lilac hair bow


Can you believe that the year is halfway over? I feel like we were just setting up for the holidays lol!! Summer is always such a fun and carefree time and I’m looking forward to so many things this season. Read on for my summer 2022 bucket list and intentions as well as what I accomplished during spring!


Feminine Fashion Blogger Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares her Summer 2022 Bucket List & Intentions along with a pretty lilac princess dress and lilac hair bow


Outfit Details

Lilac Chicwish Smocked Dress c/o | White Kate Spade Tweed Handbag (similar) | Pink Belt (similar) | Lilac Alexandre de Paris Hair Bow c/o (similar here and here) | Sequin Jewelry Pearl Bracelet c/o (use LIZZIEINLACE20 for 20% off!) | Olivia Mar Ring c/o | Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick | Halo Hair Extension (use LIZZIEINLACE for $25 off!)



What I accomplished from my SPRING BUCKET LIST


Completed all but one! I did not ride my bike, unfortunately. I missed out on the amazing weather and now that it’s 110 degrees, I’m not feeling much like a bike ride these days haha

  • Go on a Picnic – We didn’t technically go on one but I did create a pretty picnic set up!
  • Go for a Wildflower Drive/Hike – We went for one last drive before the flowers dried up 🙁
  • Plan a Future Trip – Planning a couple but haven’t booked anything yet!
  • Update Outdoor Patio – Our swing chairs finally arrived!! The rest is still in progress but should be done soon. This week, I’m repainting our little patio set!
  • Learn a New Skill I’m currently taking a course for makeup certification!
  • Do Some Gardening Planted some wildflower seeds on the patio! My dahlias are finally coming back too!
  • Go on a Road Trip We went to Carlsbad to check out the flower fields and mission! We also went antique shopping in Orange County! Andddd we just got back from beautiful Carmel by-the-Sea!
  • Work Out Consistently (at least 3-5 times a week) – I just started working out again and so far, so good!! I’m actually really enjoying it 🙂
  • Try a New Lemonade or Tea Recipe – I’ve been drinking TONS of tea and lemonade of different flavors. I’ve also started drinking matcha!
  • Do a Spring Clean Out – I just did a MASSIVE closet clean out and I’m currently working through my accessories.
  • Do Something Creative – I’m currently working on a few home projects! Yesterday I FINALLY painted my little wardrobe – woo hoo!
  • Indulge in a Self-Care Day (at least once a week) – I’ve been doing little things (bubble baths, mask, facial steaming, etc) once a week but I’d love to do it more.
  • Watch Classic Movies That I Haven’t Seen – We watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! I’ve got a whole list haha!
  • Meditate & Write in my Gratitude Journal Everyday – I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be but I’m getting better about it!



Summer 2022 Intentions


Prioritize My Health

This has been on my seasonal Bucket Lists and every Month in Review post for well over a year now (and for good reason)! Now that I’ve got my dietary issues and mental health down, I’m starting to focus more on my physical health aka… working out (dun, dun, dun!). My health journey has been a long one, especially in terms of physical. It was really important for me to transform internally before I began any external work. I have not always had the best relationship with food or working out but I have a much better mindset these days. This season, I am going to continue my journey in all aspects but focus mainly on working out. I am very excited for this and I feel like it’s come at a great time!


Declutter & Get Organized

Within the last year, I’ve felt things start to shift in a way that I’ve never felt before. Suddenly things that I used identify with just aren’t resonating anymore. I’m not sure if this is just a part of getting older or what lol? But somehow, I feel that as I’ve changed as a person, other aspects of my life have been waiting patiently to “catch up.” I’ve been feeling the need to declutter BIG TIME. I want my space, my closet and everything else to reflect who I am now, not who I once was. I’ve started the process already and surprisingly, it’s been much easier letting go of things this time around than it has been in the past 🙂 And as a result, my priorities have changed so I’m also planning to heavily re-organize my personal and professional life.


Focus on Increasing Confidence

These days, I am feeling more sure of myself than ever before! High self confidence was not a trait that I previously had – I’ve really had to work on it. And the funny thing is that it’s been more of an internal struggle than external. I used to think that being confident meant that you felt cute in your outfit or that you liked the way you did your makeup that day or that the muscles you’ve been working hard to build were finally starting to show. But it’s so much deeper than that and I feel like I’ve FINALLY found the path to true self-confidence – not only being confident in my body and how I look but in my abilities, skills and in who I AM as a person. I honestly feel like this is the one thing that has held me back all of these years and discovering this was like unlocking a secret door. This season, I am very excited to work more on this aspect of myself and see how it positively affects certain areas of my life!





  • Have a Tea Party
  • Go Swimming (pool or beach)
  • Go on a Road Trip
  • Make Home-made (dairy-free) Ice Cream
  • Finish Closet Clean Out
  • Read a Book
  • Go On a Picnic
  • Finish Home Updates
  • Watch Classic Movies That I Haven’t Seen
  • Plan a Trip
  • Workout 5 Times a Week
  • Indulge in a Self-Care Day Once a Week
  • Meditate & Journal Everyday
  • Do Something Creative
  • Learn a New Skill


What’s on your summer 2022 bucket list?






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