Summer 2020 Bucket List & Intentions

Elizabeth Hugen from Lizzie in Lace wears a purple floral summer dress


Summer is looking a lot different this year! Normally I’d be traveling and exploring as much as possible (as I’m sure many of you would be as well) but with the current conditions, it’s just nota reality right now. Until then, I’ve decided to make good use of my time at home by creating meaningful intentions to work on and adding realistic activities to my summer 2020 bucket list <3


Elizabeth Hugen from Lizzie in Lace shares her summer 2020 bucket list and intentions Elizabeth Hugen from Lizzie in Lace wears a purple floral summer dress


What I Accomplished from my Spring Bucket List


  • Clean Out My Closet – FINALLY finished! I’ll have a video up soon 😉 I did finish up my makeup collection too!
  • Learn a New Skill – well… I’m mastering the art of video editing week by week and I learned how to upload a YouTube video lol!
  • Finish Up All of My Projects – Finished for now!! More to come later this year
  • Try a New Lemonade Recipe – Made raspberry/blueberry lemonade, watermelon lemonade and lots of tea/lemonade combos.
  • Meditate Everyday – *almost* everyday lol!
  • Do Something Creative – I learned how to edit video, started gardening, arranged flowers for the first time, recorded my own music and filmed YouTube videos!
  • Get Outside More – We went for walks nearly every evening.
  • Schedule Time with Friends – I scheduled some Facetime/Zoom calls! I got to see my family <3






Continue my Health Journey


Right now, this is at the very top of my list. My health has been all over the place for the past couple of years. As someone who was relatively healthy until multiple issues popped out of nowhere, let me tell you… as positive as I try to be, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the process has been extremely frustrating. I’m proud to say that my mental health is doing very, very well! It’s been a long road and perhaps I’ll share later on but after finding out that I had anxiety (I had no idea!) and C-PTSD (I didn’t even know what this was), I worked on myself daily and finally feel like my old self 🙂 Actually, an even better version of myself! And while I thought I had my food issues figured out, it seems that I just can’t catch a break 🙁 I started bloating again, cramping, gaining weight, feeling tired… pretty much feeling the same way as before. My skin has been breaking out like crazy and my hair has been falling out (either from the diet change or lack of nutrients/vitamins, I’m guessing). I’m not quite comfortable going to the doctor yet so I’ll have to wait on blood tests. For now, I’ll be eliminating even more foods and I really, really hope this helps because it’s honestly such a miserable experience! To recap, I’ve already eliminated dairy, yeast, egg yolk, coffee, wine, seafood, etc. But now I’m going to try eliminating wheat and possibly sugar to see if that helps! I will also be forcing myself to workout five days a week. I used to work out all the time and then I stopped once I started having issues because I was so tired and weak all the time. I’m hoping this helps also!! <3


Work on my Confidence


As you can imagine, the health issues have really done a number on my confidence and self-esteem. Through my inner work, I have increased my self-love and I have finally come to a place in my life where I love myself no matter what and I’m truly proud of that because I know personally how far I’ve come in that journey. Now that I’ve worked on my inner confidence, it’s time to tackle my outer confidence. It’s been hard to see my body change and not be able to do anything about it and it’s been difficult to *sometimes* fit into my clothing. As someone that makes a living by sharing their life in images, it can be quite upsetting. At first, I picked myself apart when taking photos and at times, it was challenging to look at myself in the mirror. Right now, I feel okay with my appearance and I’m actively working on being healthier, which I believe will help me in the confidence department.


Think Outside the Box


The first two intentions were from a more personal perspective and this one is more professional. This pandemic has really opened my eyes to a lot in terms of both my personal and professional life. For my professional life, I realized that I was probably taking on way more than I needed to. I was constantly using my time to do things that weren’t necessarily furthering my business but instead furthered the business of others. I have scaled back A LOT and used that time to take on new projects like the YouTube channel and Newsletter! With that being said, I feel like since I was so overwhelmed before that I was sort of all over the place with content and my schedule. During quarantine, I was able to think more creatively and get back on track 🙂 With that being said, I mentioned in a previous post that I would be making a few changes. Not big changes or anything but I just want my content to be more streamlined and specific… and to be honest, I feel like these are changes that you will love! I want to think outside the box on certain things and create more engaging content. I want to share new ideas in exciting ways. I’ve been brainstorming about how this looks across all of my platforms from editing to copy to post ideas to the brands I work with. I’m still in the process so I’m not quite sure how this will manifest but it’s something I’m excited about and hopefully, something that you are excited about as well!





  • Plan a Future Trip (for next year!)
  • Go on a Picnic
  • Make Home-made (dairy-free) Ice Cream
  • Eat a Snow Cone
  • Lay Out by the Pool
  • Take a Road Trip (fingers crossed!)
  • Go Swimming
  • Try a New Recipe
  • Clean Out My Accessories (shoes, handbags, hair accessories, jewelry)
  • Read a Book
  • Color in My Coloring Book
  • Meditate & Journal Everyday
  • Write a Song
  • Start Sewing Again
  • Workout 5 Times a Week


What’s on your summer 2020 bucket list?


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