Sparkle and Shine


Ivory Blooms



Snow White


Boho Princess


Sleeping Beauty


Feathered Blush


Tulle Cool for School


Pearls and Pink


Girls Just Wanna Have Bows


Shades of Grey



Opera Night


My love for statement pieces is deeper than the deepest of oceans. There is something so special about adorning your neck with some gorgeous jewels to complete your look. Even though I’m a little lady, I like my statement pieces BIG. It may be gaudy to some, but I grew up playing with my great grandma’s costume jewelry and have always been fascinated with it. Whenever my husband I go to antique stores, I go straight to the jewelry section and stare… mesmerized by the intricacy of each and every piece. I do love dainty jewelry as well, but I like to wear it only for special occasions. As for day to day…I choose costume jewelry (in gold, of course!). In fact, I love my statement necklaces so much that I designed a wall display for them in both in my bedroom and in our spare room. It makes me smile when I look at those beautiful, sparkly objects. It gives me inspiration and sometimes I even base my outfit around a specific necklace.


Just like I like to play with color, texture, and print mixing with my outfits…I also like to incorporate jewelry in an interesting way. It’s so funny that I’m shy by personality and so extroverted when it comes to my style. In a sea of black dress, ripped jeans and yoga pants, I like to stand out, make a statement and bring inspiration to other that I come into contact with. Not only does our choice of clothing convey who were are to world, but it can also brighten someone’s day. Throwing jewelry in the mix is like putting icing on the cake. It makes it that much better. Also, you can only wear the same outfit so many times, but it’s so easy to change it up with your accessories and make a completely different look…over and over again. The possibilities are truly endless!



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