Snow White & Friday Favorites Link-up

Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher


Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

Skirt: My own design

Shoes: Candies for Kohl’s

Purse: Kate Spade

Necklace: Target

Bracelets: Target

Ring: LC Lauren Conrad

So I’m still experimenting with the link-up series and am going to try something new today. I know I just did one Wednesday, but it occurred to me that a trend might be difficult to link-up. For today, I would love for you all to share your favorite outfit or beauty post of the week. The point of a link-up is to meet other bloggers, find new followers or future collaborations, and be inspired by others looks. It’s a very exciting thing and showcasing your favorite look might be easier than taking on a trend. Some of you may not know what a link-up is, so I will explain. It’s a very easy process. At the bottom of this post will be a blue button. Click on it and add your info for your blog. Once you’re finished a picture will show up on the post and others will be able to click it and go directly to your blog! After all the entries have been posted, I will select one to showcase on the blog next Friday! Hopefully, this will be a lot easier for everyone and a lot more exciting. YAY!


Earlier this week, a student came up to me and exclaimed “Geez Mrs. H! Do you ever just dress ugly?” At the time, it made me laugh but later on, it really got me thinking. If you’re wondering what the answer is, it’s no. I refuse to dress “ugly.” Even my pajamas and work out clothes are perfectly matched lol! Sure, you might be thinking “this girl has some serious problems,” but there is a reason for this insanity. I have been interested in fashion since I was a toddler…always in dresses and bows. However, name brand clothing was not an option when I was in school. I had to get more creative. I started buying my own clothing at a young age. It was all from the clearance racks, but no one ever knew. Peers would always comment on my style and that’s when I knew that having money did not guarantee a stylish wardrobe. You could still dress well on a budget and in my case, most of my outfits at the time cost under $15. To this day, I have never paid full price for anything.


Of course, I have worn clothing that I didn’t like. I have worn beat up t-shirts and old shoes. Yes, I have dressed “ugly” in the past, but it made me feel ugly. That’s why I refuse to now. It has never been a case of being too good to dress down. It’s more of how clothing makes me feel. If my make up and hair are immaculate, but I am wearing something that makes me ugly then that is how I am going to feel for the rest of the day. If I dress in something that looks great and flatters my body, then  I am going to feel beautiful. It’s a simple as that. Even if it’s the cheapest thing on the rack….if I feel good in it, then that’s all that matters. When you wear something you really love, you walk a little taller, sit up a little straighter and smile a little brighter. Who wouldn’t want to feel like that everyday? Of course, how you dress shouldn’t matter, but it does. Material possessions are not everything, but people do perceive you differently depending on the way you present yourself in your clothing. This is extremely important when giving a first impression to new friends, strangers or ever a potential boss.


Now on to my outfit: My handmade skirt is making another appearance and I love it too much for it not to. I topped it with a beautiful pointelle sweater that has hints of colorful thread throughout. I finished off the look with a neutral bag and sparkly accessories. These gold glittery shoes are a personal favorite of mine. Yes, I dress like a fairy, but that’s okay because it makes me happy. What makes you happy?


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