Retro Dot

Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher


Dress: LC Lauren Conrad

Shoes: Express

Bracelets: Kate Spade

Rings: LC Lauren Conrad



I am writing to you all from Oregon! This comes at a great time when I need a much deserved break. Let me be honest when I say that this summer was not quite I had imagined it…I dreamt of laying by the pool reading magazines, learning to use my technologically advanced sewing machine so I could start making skirts, going on road trips to anywhere and everywhere. None of this happened and I am pretty bummed…but there is still hope! Summer is not over quite yet! But still…when you run two businesses, there isn’t a lot of time left for anything else. I feel so busy and bombarded with never-ending to-do lists that I just want to cry. Anyone else felt like this? The epiphany happened last week. I know that I am working way too much and I am using this time away to figure out how to cut back on work and put some fun back into my life. I had a meeting with another girl on my team and she said a lot that really resonated with me. At convention, they gave out numerous awards to ladies that accomplished amazing things in a year…or even 6 months! I wanted to be up there getting that free cruise and recognition and I told myself I would work very hard to get there. But how? I already work literally 24 hours a day. I asked my mentor yesterday about this and her response was ….”it’s not realistic.” Those girls that were doing “great things” were actually giving up so much to get there. She told me that some of them had given up time with their kids, time for themselves and time for their marriage because all they do is work. That’s when I realized that that is not the kind of life I want. Sure I want to buy a house, go on vacations and live out my dream of working in fashion, but not at the expense of the relationships that I cherish. I am taking this week to reflect on where this behavior is taking me, where I want to be and how I can change it. More money does not mean more happiness. American’s are always wanting more, more, more…but it’s not always the best thing for us. I have a beautiful life with a amazing husband and a quaint apartment….I am okay with where I am. I am proud of all that I do, but I know that I have too many interests that I do 100% and maybe those need to be scaled back a bit to have a more fulfilling life. After all, working all the time is not actually living. Living are those moments you miss when you are busy trying to get ahead.


So after all that seriousness, let’s have some fun! My sister and I did a retro inspired shoot this time around and I am completely in love. This dress was from LC’s Minne Mouse collection and I adore everything about the design. Of course, I had to throw some pattern mixing in there and pair it with some jeweled striped shoes. Jewelry was kept to minimum (mostly because I forgot my necklace lol!) and I replaced my usually purse with an array of red balloons. 

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