Purple Ruffled Top & Trip Recap

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I hope your week is going amazing so far! Today, I’m talking about my recent trip to Lake Tahoe – woo!

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Top: Free People c/o | Jeans: Mott & Bow c/o | Shoes: Kohl’s (old – similar here and here) | Purse: Cuore & Pelle c/o| Necklace: J.Crew (old –  love this) | Cuff: Motif c/o | Ring: Motif c/o | Sunnies: Diff Eyewear c/o (get 25% off with LIZZIEDIFF)



Lake Tahoe is an absolute dream and if you watched my Instagram Stories, then you saw some of it first hand. If you’ve never been, make sure to put this on your bucket list right away! With crystal clear water in varying shades of blue surrounded by a backdrop of snowy mountains and the fresh scent of pine, Lake Tahoe is one easily of the most beautiful places in the world. People travel from all over to visit and we are so lucky to only live six hours away. I was introduced to this beautiful place by a high school friend and have gone almost every year since. Much like Yosemite, this is one of those special places that my husband and I share. Since this year was a very special birthday, we brought my mom an brother, both of which had never been. Needless to say, they were absolutely blown away and didn’t want to come back home.


When I originally booked our cabin, the weather was supposed to be in the mid 70s, but somehow that changed within days of our departure and it ended up being in the 40-50s. Getting up there was a feat. As you know from Friday’s post, our six hour drive turned into eleven. There was a huuuge mudslide on the only freeway heading to the south side where we were staying. We attempted to go a different route and that road was blocked off as well. In the process, we came across the most gorgeous lake! With no other possible route, we decided to turn around and try to go up to the north side of the lake, adding over three hours to our trip. My poor husband was so tired from driving and a drive that could have easily turned sour, actually turned into one of the best road trips! We were all in good sprits, singing and dancing in the car and pouring over the gorgeous scenery outside our window. We came across a few ghost towns and famous landmarks along with incredible natural scenery that we had never seen before. We were welcomed with stunningly gorgeous snowy mountains (with snow up to at least 10 feet to the side of us!) and icy blue rivers of rushing water. It doesn’t snow where we live so this was a treat!


We had issues getting into our cabin initially upon arrival, but finally got in an hour later to see the most adorable pinterest-worthy cabin. The all-white and grey modern kitchen was so gorgeous and I loved the rustic charm throughout the home. A roomy loft upstairs with a plethora of games and a beautiful view out the window along with the cozy sectional on the deck were welcome additions after our tiring day.


It ended up raining ALL day on Friday, but we were not about to cancel our plans. We went hiking to the famous Vikingsholm at Emerald Bay. A historic site that usually boasts hundreds of visitors and impossible parking, actually worked in our favor given the weather. We didn’t get to kayak this time around, but the waterfall was bursting with water, making the trek worth it. We had a lot of fun! Afterward, we went to the main shopping center to check out the shops and grab some yummy drinks from Rocket Fizz, my favorite candy shop.


On Saturday, the weather was absolutely perfect! We went back to Emerald Bay to hike to one of my favorite spots, Eagle Lake. It’s the most beautiful little lake in the world and definitely a hidden gem that a lot of people don’t know about…or at least, they didn’t until this trip. On our way up, we came cross a HUGE group of tourists (I’m talking like over 100 people!). The trail also goes to a waterfall that most people visit, but they end up stopping there. We continued our hike and the tour group followed. It was the funniest thing! Everything we did, they did. We went down to a hidden spot by the lake, they followed. We took a photo on a certain rock, so they all lined up to take one on the same rock…and then another rock…and then another rock. We hiked even higher to get a better view and eat our lunch….and they followed. I couldn’t help but laugh! The irony of being in a relaxing place with over 100 people in a confined area lining up to take photos was just too much. On the way back, I ended up spraining my ankle and had to walk a few miles on very rocky terrain back to the car. It felt fine after a while so I didn’t think anything of it. Afterwards, we did a smaller hike to the beach through a historical estate, drove to the iconic Sand Harbor (to find out it was closed for maintenance – nooo!) and then went out for the best pizza ever! It wasn’t until we got back to the cabin that I realized how swollen and bruised my ankle was. Yikes! :-/ But it’s feeling much better now! 🙂


Overall, we had a great trip! We ran into a series of unfortunate events, but didn’t let that damper the mood. We made the best of it and it ended up being one of the most memorable trips! I’m so glad that I got to share my special day with the most special people in my life. 🙂



Well, that’s it! 🙂

If any of you are interested in a travel guide, let me know!







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