Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant

Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace

Last Update: 1/19/22

For a complete overview of the Lularoe business, pros/cons and Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant, please see the end of this post! 🙂


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace


Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant by popular California fashion blogger Lizzie in Lace

*Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.*

Dress: LuLaRoe c/o

Shoes: Ninewest

Belt: Anthropologie

Purse: Coach

Bracelet: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

2022 Lularoe Experience Latest Update!

For the whole story, feel free to watch my video below or read the Truth About Why I Quit Being a Lularoe Consultant:


Original Post

Stylish clothing that is also beautiful, well-made, comfortable, modest and affordable seems to be too good to be true. However, that is not the case with LuLaRoe. It is a fairly new company that was founded on these principles just a few years ago. Chances are that since LuLaRoe is such a new company and isn’t sold in stores, you probably haven’t heard of them. I hadn’t until this collaboration, but let me tell you…I am completely 100% in love and can’t believe I didn’t find them sooner! LuLaRoe is sold through independent fashion consultants, but is run like individual boutiques. You can buy at an open house, a pop-up boutique, or through social media. They sell dresses and skirts of all lengths and styles, plus kimonos, tops and leggings all in sizes 2XS to 3XL. All of these garments are designed with high quality fabrics in any print or color that you can think of! Literally….think of it and they have it.

This dress is particular is called the Amelia. It’s a beautiful blue with a subtle gray floral print. The material itself is thick and sturdy (but not too thick, just right) and oh so flattering! The dress has an exposed zipper in the back and pockets on the side. This is a super, super comfortable dress and would definitely be work appropriate. And the way it makes me feel….beautiful…gorgeous…slim…happy…all of thee above! I absolutely did not want to take it off. I am completely obsessed with this dress and with everything that LuLaRoe has to offer. In fact, I ordered a few more in varying prints for myself. My closet is 70% dresses and skirts, so trust me when I say that these are amazing. I paired this one with gray shoes, bag and belt to bring out the print a bit and to not distract from this stunning garment.

Did I mention that you can get free clothes? As a hostess, you a free item of your choice for every 10 items sold at the party. To host a pop-up, all you have to do is contact your consultant to set up a date and invite everyone you know. Everything else is taken care of. Pop-ups are usually about an hour and a half and people can come and go as they please. There are no presentations or pressured sales…the clothing pretty much speaks for itself.


Thank you to LularoebyKMCQ for introducing me!







I have questioned whether to write a separate post on this matter, but have decided that since this is my most popular post and more than likely, you are looking for a review, I will just continue here.

The above post was published in April and by May, I was a Lularoe consultant. Many of you have come to find this post by searching for either reviews of the product or reviews of the company, both of which I will cover below. I hope these insights will help you! 🙂


How did I discover Lularoe and why did I want to be a Lularoe consultant?

A friend from long ago discovered my blog and asked me to style a few dresses. I am super picky about my clothing but absolutely LOVE dresses so I gave it a shot. I fell head over heels for the Amelia dress (and still am) and the rest is history. A little background….I have ALWAYS wanted to be a fashion designer…went to school and everything but it just never worked out. I knew I wanted to do something in fashion, but didn’t know what else would feed that craving while I pursued this dream. Owning a boutique had crossed my mind many, many times before and I felt that Lularoe was the answer to my dreams.


So you want to know about the clothes?



*The Amelia Dress (enough said)

*Flattering shapes

*Accommodate a large range of sizes

*New prints released weekly (also a con)

*You will complimented on your clothing…a lot!

*Good quality(or used to be anyway). This is definitely not Nordstrom (as they like to say), but it’s not Forever 21 either.

*Comfortable clothing! (like pajama comfy)

*Tons of patterns to appease any style

*Unique prints that not many people will have



*Lots of “loud prints” and not enough solids or “tame prints”

*Some items don’t seem worth the price (ie. thin fabric)

*Not petite friendly…Yes, I’m very short, but all dresses and skirts go to the knee or below on someone of average height.

*Hard to find the item you want. Since new prints are released weekly, it can be very hard to track down a specific print you want in your size…and once you do, you better have fast fingers because there are 12 other people fighting for that same item.

*It can be easy to become “addicted.” With the ever changing prints and new styles added from time to time, it can easily hurt your wallet.

*Prices are a bit steep and although the items are of good quality, I don’t think they are of the amazing quality that the price tag entails.

*Sizing is inconsistent within items. You will be one size in one item and a different size in three others


So you want to be a Lularoe consultant?


Before you join the Lularoe bandwagon, there are some things to keep in mind. It is A LOT of work…..like probably more work than most day jobs. Just like any job, there are some pros and cons to being a Lularoe consultant.



*You are a business owner (for the most part) YAY!

*Shipments are like surprise Christmas gifts. It’s always fun to see what you get!

*You can make some amazing relationships with your customers

*Lots of great perks and initiatives for selling and making goals

*Potential for making A LOT of money

*You can “move up” to different leadership roles that are rewarding

*Awesome trainings and conventions

*Company gives you all the tools you need to succeed

*Company checks in with consultants daily via facebook, phone calls, emails, etc to keep you on track

*Leaders and Company try to keep the atmosphere positive at all times (also a con because even when things aren’t positive, it’s super frustrating)

*Nice to work from home (great for moms!)

*Great profit margins (usually about 50%)



*It’s expensive. ( think $5k-6k starting)

*No control over what prints your receive (and many can be duplicates…plus the prints seem to be getting crazier and crazier)

*Very difficult to reach certain goals

*Market is starting to become “Oversaturated”

*Very disorganized home office (like REALLY disorganized)

*The company is always changing things (without telling everyone what’s going on)

*VERY Time consuming

*Some customers can be unappreciative (and downright mean if they don’t get their “unicorn”)

*Inventory takes up SO much space….like my whole apartment. Clothes everywhere!

 *Hard to take a vacation (you still have to work the business)

*You are not allowed to talk negative about anything. If anything bad happens (items out of stock, leggings with holes or capri length, too many duplicates, etc.), it is not their fault. They will tell you to suck it and be happy about it.

*Impossible to get holiday launches. Either the website crashes or consultants buy thousands of items and don’t leave any for anyone else or they sell everything at the first launch and don’t leave anything for the second launch.

*Clothing no longer made in the USA and fit can vary depending on which country it was made in
*Shipments will most likely come with missing items and if your items are backordered, they will not let you know. You will need to be diligent about going through your order to make sure everything is there
*Talking to home office can be frustrating, especially if you’ve been on hold for two hours to be told that they don’t know how to solve your problem
*Sponsors are not always helpful (and you cannot change sponsors)
*Some of the other consultants can be “catty” even though they try to promote a close sisterhood

*The billing software, “Audrey”, regularly crashes and causes many other issues

*Orders can take up to two weeks to ship out (or even three!)

*Onboarding can take up to two months (before you actually become a consultant)

Overall, my experience has been so-so…some good, some bad just like anything else, but I am not here to rant but rather to help you make a decision.


My story as a Lularoe Consultant:


Aside from being a Lularoe consultant, I was substitute teaching, running a second business as a private guitar teacher (that travels out of town for lessons) in the evenings and writing this blog. Needless to say with subbing and guitar alone, my hours each day were 14+. Each night I came home to Lularoe instead of spending time with my husband. I got home around 8pm most nights to eat dinner, check emails, talk with customers, send invoices, pack items (and when I say pack, I mean tissue paper and card….very time consuming for each package), ship items, delete items from inventory, take inventory pics, edit those pics, post those pics, organize those pics in albums, book keeping, organize inventory physically, drag items in and out of my car to pop ups, make phone calls for pop ups, set up inventory for pop ups, organize giveaways, post on Instagram, post on Facebook, marketing ….etc….you feel me? I sold Lularoe VERY part time and it was still a more than full time job. Since I had my other jobs, that was the only time I had to pursue Lularoe. Time management is SO important!




With that being said, if I hadn’t had my other two jobs and could just concentrate on Lularoe, I know I could have done better. Not that I didn’t do well, but I just didn’t have time to devote to it like many of the other ladies. If Lularoe is all you do, you have no reason not to succeed. However, it’s much harder when you have other things on your plate. I do not advise anyone to pursue this if you are already “busy.” Be that with kids, other jobs, school, etc….and by that, I don’t mean you can’t work a day job and do Lularoe on the side. Of course you can! What I’m saying is not to get in over your head…like if you already work 60+ hours a week, maybe this isn’t the right time to pursue it. You will be exhausted, stressed and not working up to your potential.


The company really does give you all the tools needed to succeed. They really do care about the consultants, although the growth is so astronomical right now that they are extremely disorganized and can’t keep up. These are normal growing pains and will not last forever (hopefully), so keep that in mind.


After all is said and done, it is important to find your “why” before joining. Why do you want to be a Lularoe consultant? If you are just in it because you’re obsessed with the clothes and just want a discount, I don’t recommend it. However, if you have the drive, motivation and passion to make it work for a valid reason (more family time, extra income…dreams of traveling, buying a home..etc.), then this is a great opportunity!


There is SO much potential, but it will not come without hard work, dedication and TIME. You make your dreams come true if you work hard enough. It really has to be a priority in your life and for me, it simply wasn’t. My priorities, you ask?  Running my first business (that I started at 18 without a dollar in my pocket!) of teaching guitar that I am beyond passionate about….Spending time with my husband….Being able to go on vacation this summer without having to work…Sleeping at a normal hour…..Having time to learn how to use my sewing machine…Having time to go back to school….Being stress-free and mentally healthy. You will have to give up things to be able to do this. Be sure that those are things you are willing to sacrifice! 🙂



*(I have received some reader questions that I will answer here)*


How long were you a Lularoe consultant?

7 Months (May 2015-Dec.2015) In May, they had just hit 1,000 consultants. Now they are 10,000+ and still onboarding 100 a day!

Update: 12/28/2016 They are now at 40,000+ and are onboarding 250 a day!


Did you make back you initial investment and how long did it take?

I initially invested about $4,500 in inventory (before the buy in price went up) and another $400 or so for pop up supplies (racks, mannequin, fold up table, table cloth, leggings chest, stand up chalkboard, mini chalkboard, hangers, other décor). At that time, they had the consignment program. I had half on there and the other half on my credit card. I made $1,500 my first week (it did not stay like that of course) and $3,500 in the first month. I did not profit any of this. I used the funds to buy more inventory and make payments on what I owed. Within a month and half, I was ready to pay off my investment. With the way things are right now, I have heard of people making 4 times what I made in their first month so paying back the investment should not be a problem.

However, paying off my consignment was a complete mess and took about two months to resolve on Home Office’s end. Apparently, they did not keep a record of my payment. Of course, they got my payment because I got the clothes, but they accused me of not paying and wanted me to pay for the consignment amount again. It was a very frustrating process and thankfully, I kept good records of everything. It took a longgggg time to figure out, but the situation was resolved.


How long did it take you to start profiting?

I think this question is different for everyone but in my case, I was only concerned with paying off my initial investment and building my inventory as quickly as possible. Every dime that I made during my time as a Lularoe consultant went to paying off my credit card, consignment, buying missing inventory items and adding new styles. However, it is possible to start profiting right away, just do so wisely. A good rule of thumb is to set 25% away for taxes, 25% for paying off debts, 25% for buying new inventory and 25% for profit. From what I’ve heard, 6 months is when most people start “profiting” if they don’t use this rule which seems about right. Since I sold off at 7 months, I did not profit much, if anything. I ended up with more inventory than when I started and came out just a bit ahead when I sold everything off.


Did you sell online or at pop ups? Which is better?

I did both but I’d say 90% online. Pop up boutiques did not work well with my 14+ hour days, so online was much better for me! I think that they both have their pros and cons.

*Pop ups are “easier” in the sense that all you have to do is pack up the car and set up shop whereas online, you have to take photos of every single item…upload them, edit them, and make albums….also, I modeled a lot of clothing for the blog and my VIP group so that was time consuming as well.

*Pop ups last a good 4 hours or so including packing and unpacking, but online sales can last all day sometimes when you are photographing new inventory or have a huge party.


*With online, you have to sort items, pack them (another time consuming feature since I wrapped each in pretty tissue paper, tied it with a bow and included a handwritten thank you card), and ship them.


*It’s not all bad for online though. It’s VERY convenient. You don’t have to constantly lug around clothing and set it up. I had a spare bedroom in my apartment that I had everything set up at all times so I could easily find an item or have people come over last minute to shop.


Since I was working most of the day, online worked great for me since I could sell whenever I had extra time. I didn’t have to stress out about all of my weekends being devoted to pop ups. Also, I was home to do sales instead of away from my husband. Some consultants upload albums and keep them up for a week then take them down. I see the benefits of this as customers are not always looking at the same clothing. However, I chose (with the insistence of my customers) to keep everything in my shop up at all times. It was easier on me and my customers liked it too, but it just depends. I think that most successful consultants do a mix of both! You will have good pop ups and bad ones, either online or in person so don’t be discouraged if it happens. 🙂

How often should I order as a Lularoe consultant?

The customers always want new new new so you HAVE to be buying new inventory often. The new inventory is what runs the business…customer sees a new print from somewhere else and all of a sudden it’s their new “unicorn”… or a new item comes out (such as the Sarah or Gracie) and everyone wants it…or a new collection (holiday) comes out and they just have to have it. The most successful Lularoe consultants buy once a week to keep things fresh. This is great because customers will always be seeing new prints. However, with the item limit (33 pieces, I believe) you have to constantly be turning over that much in sales…which leads back to how often you can sell. You see? The more time you to devote, the more sales you can potentially get….the more money you make to buy new items that customers want…and the cycle continues. In recent times, ordering has been much more difficult as orders take weeks to ship out and items are backordered for months at a time (in fact, there was a 2-3 month legging shortage when I signed on).


Do you think Lularoe will last? Is it worth investing and quitting my job for?

I think LLR’s business plan is interesting. Constantly coming out with new prints AND adding items that maybe trendy at the time. I think this model can keep up with trends over time and keep customers coming back for those new items and prints. I do think their problem lies within the declining quality and rising prices of the items though. I also think that they are onboarding too many people and LLR just isn’t as special as it was before. The disorganization of home office was bad before, but has increased tenfold with the growing pains! You probably won’t get a call/email  back or have your questions answered. They have grown too much in a short amount of time and I think that this critical time in the company will decide whether they sink or soar. In short, the business model is brilliant, but they need to find alternate ways to deal with their growth to continue the success.


If you are questioning it because it’s direct sales related, just think about Avon and Mary Kay. They’ve been around forever and are still going strong! I love my Mary Kay make up!


As for investing in LLR and quitting your job, that’s a personal choice for you. I don’t advise you to quit right away. Once you start profiting and seeing how much income you can bring in, then go for it!! I do think that if you’re leaning toward joining the company, just do it!! You never know how it will turn out for you and you really have nothing to lose other than time. You can make back the money you invested very easily. See below for more info on that if you are still on the fence.


If I work a full time job and have a toddler, can I still be successful as a Lularoe consultant?

Yes, of course! I do think that you can do this as a side business and be successful. I know of many consultants that do have full time jobs as nurses, teachers and even one that works for NASA that are super successful. With that being said, it does not come without sacrifice. Although your experience may not be as stressful as mine, you will have to give something up. And by give something up, I don’t mean the job that is currently paying your bills (because you may not make an income from LLR right away) or time with your family or date night with your husband. If this is something you want, make a list of what you are willing to sacrifice to get there. Maybe it’s having girls night once a month instead of once a week? Maybe it’s giving up your Netflix addiction? Maybe it’s waiting to take that vacation? Do know that it will be hard. I highly suggest thinking about this with your head instead of your heart. Make a VERY detailed schedule and stick to it. Post business hours and stick to it (ie.open 8am-5pm). Your customers will understand that you have a life too! If you have a smart business plan and can manage your time well, you can do it.


What if it doesn’t work out for me? How do I get my money back?

Funny enough, this is definitely not something I would worry about when making your decision. If you start selling and then decided that it’s just not for you, simply just sell off your inventory. Do NOT sell back to the company first though. I recommend doing what I did (although the company advises against it…don’t listen to them). I warned my online VIP group that I would be selling off my business and to look out for some amazing sales very soon. I sold in my group for a few days. In a perfect world, I would have sold in there for a week, but it ended up being 4 days since I wanted to be done before the New Year so I didn’t have to worry about it for next year’s taxes. Anyway, I started off with 15% off, then 20%, then 25% and so on until I got to 40% off. From there, I took the left over inventory and moved it to my consultant only sale group. I sold them all at wholesale prices so I would make back what I invested. I had about 15 items left and decided to discount them even more so that I didn’t lose money by sending them back to the warehouse. I sold a few more items that way and ended up only sending back ONE box of ten items to the warehouse. I paid for shipping and they took of a restocking fee of about 10-15% (this is why you want to sell off what you can first). It took a month and a half to get my refund… but in their defense, they were swamped at the time. I have heard horror stories in recent times of them taking monthsssss to refund :-/ In reality, I ended up with just a little bit more than what I invested into the company. Do keep that in mind….I worked my butt off and didn’t come out that much ahead. But on the other hand, I didn’t lose any money either. It’s worth a shot!


Do you regret “quitting” Lularoe?

I put quitting in quotations because I do not believe I “quit.” Quitting entails that I gave up, which I most certainly did not. Many cannot distinguish between giving up and making a conscious decision that best benefits the party involved.


With that being said, NO I do not regret closing up my shop. Do I miss it? Sometimes…but not really. I thought long and hard on this decision. I prayed about it and made many lists as to why I should stay and why I should go. My experience is unique in the fact that I started selling when I was already in over my head with work. I was driven by my passion for styling and love of fashion..and the fact that I so desperately wanted to be a part of the fashion industry since design hasn’t worked out for me. I did not want to give up on that dream that I’ve had since I could hold a pencil and thought that Lularoe was the answer that I was searching for.


The thing is ..is that both my subbing job and guitar lessons are scheduled on my own terms. If I want a day off, I can do it! Need to move some lessons so that I can go on vacation? I can do that! Not feeling so well and need the day off? I can do that too! Being a Lularoe consultant is literally 24/7 job. There is always a customer emailing you and asking questions…you’re packing and shipping orders…you’re book keeping…you’re taking photos, uploading and editing them…you’re driving to pop ups. There are SO many tasks involved that people don’t see because they are stuck in Lula-land. With Lularoe, I could not just cancel when I’m sick, on vacation or need a day off. The orders and questions still came in. Which is why it’s important to have business hours.


Anyway…see those tasks in the previous paragraph? I don’t miss them AT ALL. I am thoroughly enjoying my day off as we speak. I can make my lunch, take a bubble bath and read my book in peace. What I do miss is the “extra income,” but then again it’s just money.


Overall, I am MUCH happier since I made the decision to stop being aLularoe consultant. It was the best thing for ME. It gave me the assurance that I needed to scale back on my other jobs as well. Instead of subbing 5 days a week, I now sub 3. I stopped taking new students for guitar as well. I am at 20 per week with a waitlist of 8. The old me would have taken all of them at once, but I knew it wasn’t good for my health or my sanity to do that. I am really enjoying my extra time to blog or do whatever else. Although I’m making far less money, my schedule is still a manageable 45 hours a week instead of 70 and I am so much happier. “Quitting” Lularoe helped me learn to say NO.


What is a typical day/week like for a Lularoe Consultant?

Daily tasks will vary, but I’ll make a list of things you can expect to do weekly (most daily). Let’s pretend that I didn’t have any other work obligations and that I could dedicate my time entirely to LLR.


*Answer customer emails, questions and comments

*Unbox new inventory and hang it up

*Style clothing and take photos

*Upload those photos, edit, crop and upload again to Facebook (if it doesn’t kick you out first)

*Make albums in your VIP group

*Organize items in albums and write a description for each item

*Make phone calls to others asking them to host a pop up

*Book keeping tasks

*Get your online pop up ready

*Get guests excited about the pop up by posting and playing games

*You made some sales! Yay! Now group each item sold, send an invoice, wait for the customer to pay it, pack up your items all pretty like, seal it and drive down to the post office

*Put some Lula in bins because you don’t have room for it

*Get on “the call” to find out what’s new with the company

*Call home office and leave a message that they forgot some items in your shipment

*Pack up your car with your inventory, broken down racks and anything else you need for your pop up

*Drive to and from the pop up

*Set up shop and sell, sell, sell!

*Stop by the bank to deposit some of your cash and check sales

*If you have a downline, you may want to use some time to check in with them as well

*Update your Instagram with new photos

*Talk with other consultants and leaders

*Go to the team meeting

*Go to your photoshoot to model LLR (maybe that’s just me?)


Don’t forget to eat! And run after your children, if you have them! If you work, add in your job to these tasks to see what your schedule may look like. While I did use a bit of humor in here :-), these tasks are 100% true and you can expect to do them on a weekly basis, if not daily for most.



Now ask yourself…”What are my priorities? Can I make Lularoe work for me? What will it do for me? What will I have to sacrifice?”


I hope that these insights have been helpful to you and I do hope you will come back for some styling inspiration!


Have a beautiful day! 😀



*If you have any additional questions you’d like me to answer, feel free to leave me a comment!*


*IMPORTANT: I have gotten a great response through emails and comments and I am SO happy to answer your questions. With that being said, please be sure to read this ENTIRE post before asking a question as it may have already been answered. 🙂



UPDATE #2: 12/28/2016

Why I Stopped Being a Lularoe Consultant


It has been almost exactly a year since I stopped being a Lularoe consultant. The number one question I get in my inbox almost weekly is

“Why did I stop being a Lularoe consultant?”

*Before I begin, please note that I am not trying to deter anyone from being  Lularoe consultant. I am simply sharing my honest experience and trying to help those that may be in a similar position.


Honestly, there are a lot of reasons why I stopped being a Lularoe consultant. The main one was lack of time (as covered in previous questions). I spread myself too thin and it was hurting my relationship with my husband. As a newlywed, this is something you don’t want. My passion for fashion had become a nightmare. I was not receiving help from my sponsor or anyone else. I had to do everything on my own and it was very stressful. I sacrificed so much to do Lularoe and ended up with nothing in return. I was exhausted and unhappy. I did not fit in with the “Lularoe culture.” I felt as if I was an outsider in a group of local consultants that had already formed a clique. Sisterhood was one thing I was really excited about and I was pretty bummed that it did not end up the way I had imagined it. Another thing was that I wasn’t really in love with the clothes. I REALLY loved the Amelia (that’s what got me into selling in the first place) and still do, but I was not crazy about the majority of the items or the insane prints. I am a modest dresser, but some of the items made me look dowdy (maybe because of my height?) and did not say “fashion blogger.” Now, I know that these clothes make women feel beautiful and amazing and I completely agree, BUT I did not feel like myself when I was wearing some of them.


Selling off my business was completely heartbreaking. I wanted this to work so bad for my husband and I. I wanted to create the life I had always dreamed of. I did not want to be a failure. I cried as I sold my last remaining inventory, but also breathed a sigh of relief. I do wonder what would have happened had I have stayed a consultant. The month that I sold everything off, I recruited three consultants…THREE! But my mind was made up. I signed them up…with other people and have watched them blossom to become successful business owners. Would I have been getting a decent bonus check? Probably. I signed on with 1,000 Lularoe consultants and there are now over 40,000 so I can imagine that I would be making a decent amount of money. Would it have been worth it? Not to me. These girls that make tons of money every month are working their butts off! They are sacrificing so much. They are waking up early each morning and going to sleep well after 2am each night. They have quit their jobs to do this full time, they have hired assistants to make things a little easier and yes, they are providing for their family. I have so much respect for these women and what they do for their families. They are truly girl bosses. But at the same time, it is not wrong for someone to realize that maybe this isn’t their calling. For so many that don’t “make it” in this business, they feel inferior and less than. I know this because I have personally talked to too many women that feel this way. Just know that it is okay to sell your business and try something else. We are not all made to do Lularoe and it is okay. We all have different passions and interests and we are all made to do certain things. If you are unhappy selling Lularoe, then why wouldn’t you stop to pursue something else? You never know what doors will open unless you close the other.


I did experience segregation once I sold off my business. I was no longer “part of the group.” I did not receive support of my decision from the other Lularoe consultants, but rather the silence of eye rolls, looks of disapproval and the knowledge that they felt sorry for me. I was labeled a quitter and it was hurtful knowing that this was supposed to be built on a sisterhood that loved and supported one another no matter what. What I do know is that “quitting” was the best decision I could have made for myself. It was the right decision for ME. Many doors opened for me that I felt were held back by being in this business and I have had opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. I lost myself for a bit while I was a Lularoe consultant. I only posted Lularoe outfits on my blog because I was told by a very senior consultant that I could ONLY wear Lularoe. I ended up creating outfits that I did not love and did not feel like myself in. I ended up keeping around 40 items for my personal stash when I sold off everything. I have recently sold off even more and left myself with around 8 items that I truly love. I have loved being able to create outfits with more than JUST Lularoe and it has given my blog a new life. I chose blogging over Lularoe and would do it again in a heart beat because blogging has become my real passion and is the door that I would not have been able to open had I stayed with Lularoe.


Over the past year, my husband and I have been able to spend much more time together and have a happy, healthy marriage. We went on many, many trips this year including a 16 day dream vacation throughout Europe. I have cut back my work hours and concentrated more on the blog. I have had time to take morning walks, cook actual meals, take a bubble bath, sit on my patio for no reason at all and just generally enjoy life and LIVE. I am SO thankful to have the extra time to do all of these things that I couldn’t enjoy before.

I really hope that my experience as a Lularoe consultant helps someone <3

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