Navy Floral Mix

Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher


Shirt: LC Lauren Conrad

Skirt: Lularoe

Boots: Simply Vera- Vera Wang

Hat: PacSun

Purse: Coach

Necklaces: J.Crew Factory / Target

Bracelet: Kate Spade

Ring: LC Lauren Conrad

Hair Extensions: Irresistible Me (20 inch, Platinum)



Happy Fall y’all! 😀


So this past weekend was crazy! I live in California where there has been a major drought for the past few years. There are a lot of farms surrounding the city I live in (which means higher grocery prices due to low supply) and limits as to how much we can water our lawns (if we overuse, we get fined), so it is definitely affecting everyone around here. When the slightest drop of rain hits the ground, we all rejoice and hope for more. Late last week, it rained HARD…like flooding kind of hard. I was so ecstatic that I went out fully clothed (in my cute black polka dot dress and Tory Burch rain flats of course!) with a full face of make up on and just ran through the rain, …spinning, …jumping in puddles. Meanwhile, right outside of town there were multiple mud slides. Seeing photos and videos of people’s vehicles and semi trucks (with them inside) being submerged in mud that was almost completely covering their car and trailers being swept away was truly terrifying. It’s like nothing I had ever seen in my life. Thankfully everyone is okay now and the vehicles are being removed from the mud, but wow that is scary!


Moving on to happier things 🙂 . Here I go with my pattern mixing again! I’ve been told that you can’t mix two “like” prints (ie. two florals, polka dots, stripes, etc) but I like to break the rules. 😉 The trick is to vary your print sizes and choose a color that both prints have in common, but more on that later…(I will be doing a print mixing series soon enough!). Anyway I am really loving this combo for Fall, especially when topped with a burgundy floppy hat and ankle boots. I hope you like it!


What is the scariest thing that has happened for you lately?


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