My Style Profile from Pin’s Place


Good morning everyone! If you missed my Style Profile feature on Pins Place last week, here it is! I want to thank Piniel for taking the time to feature me on her beautiful blog. Definitely check her out!


Style Profile | Elizabeth Hugen


Being a blogger has provided me with many opportunities to meet different people in various walks of life both on the web and in real life. One such web encounter lead me to Lizzie In Lace a personal style blog helmed by the lovely Elizabeth Hugen aka Liz. The thing that instantly drew me to her blog was her sense of style. She rocks bold colors and prints like it’s no big deal and always looks so effortless. Read below to learn more about her style influences, shopping habits and more. Also, be sure to stop by her blog and say hi!

Name: Elizabeth Hugen
Blog: Lizzie In lace


What inspired you to start blogging?
My obsession with fashion, of course! I have always wanted to be a designer, but it never worked out in the past so I decided to try a different avenue as my creative outlet. I love to inspire and be inspired. It’s really been an amazing journey so far.

How do you define fashion and style? Is there a difference?
Definitely. I feel that fashion constitutes the trends of here and now while style is an expression of one’s self. Style is, in essence, wearable artwork and a person’s uniqueness and personality on display for the world to see. It’s such a beautiful thing!


If you could describe your personal sense of style in one word/sentence what would it be?
My style is feminine, fun and creative.

Do you think it’s set in stone or are you still figuring it out as you go?
I’m still a very new blogger so I am most definitely learning as I go. I think we will always be learning in one form or another, just as our style will evolve over time.


What are the staple items in your closet?
My closet consists of mainly dresses and skirts. I love sparkle, whimsical prints, floral, lace, tulle, and bows most of all. I also have a special place in my heart for statement jewelry.

What is your go-to outfit?
I’d definitely start with a full skirt (more than likely tulle…haha) and pair it with a textured top of some sort…I love applique or unusual textures! I usually go for bright colors, print mixing or all neutral but it/s always something pretty, dainty and put together.


What are your favorite places to shop?
Lauren Conrad’s line at Kohl/s is my favorite! I also wear a lot of adorable LuLaRoe clothing from my boutique. Other faves are Anthropologie, Kate Spade, any of my own designs and what used to be Piperlime (RIP).

Who are your fashion icons?
Lauren Conrad, Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo and of course countless bloggers.


Piniel S
{All photos courtesy of Lizzie In Lace}


Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher



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