My Secret to Blogging More Efficiently

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feminine braid with bow


When it comes to blogging, there are so many moving parts and typically one person behind it all. The tasks can get overwhelming and to do lists seem never-ending. Since I do work outside the blog, I’ve come up with a few time-saving tricks and over time, I’ve mastered the art of blogging more efficiently. Read on to get a first hand look into my weekly schedule as a fashion blogger!


morganite engagement ring

red floral dress

blogging more efficiently

blogging more efficiently

blogging more efficiently

feminine braid with bow

blogging more efficiently

blogging more efficiently


Outfit Details

Zara Dress | Tory Burch Handbag | Alexandre de Paris Bow (similar here) | Alexandre de Paris Barrette (similar here) | Modcloth Belt | Angara Morganite Ring | Noemie Ring


About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post about a day in the life of a fashion blogger. I detailed what a typical day looks like from start to finish and while my daily schedule has changed a bit since then (I’ll do an update soon), the intentional change in my weekly schedule is really how I started blogging more efficiently. After exhausting myself day in and day out, I thought that there had to be an easier way… and that’s when I started batching. Instead of doing the same tasks everyday, I dedicated certain days of the week to work on various tasks (changing it up everyday). This has not only saved me time, but it’s saved me from boredom too haha 😉 I’ve included a rough outline of my schedule below to give you an idea of what my schedule looks like for blogging more efficiently and approximately how much time I dedicate to each task. While I’m pretty organized for the most part, sometimes my schedule gets way too busy and I can’t follow the it as strictly as I’d like… or I’m traveling… or life happens lol!



Morning (2 hour block)

  • Weekly/Monthly Goal Setting
  • Brainstorming
  • Editorial Calendar (check out this post for more info!)


  • Guitar Teaching (out of office)
  • If I’m not teaching, I’ll likely be writing blog posts (each one takes 3-6+ hours), editing photos, or learning a new skill




Morning (2 hour block)

  • Research
  • Pitching

Afternoon (3 hour block)

  • Photo Editing


  • Finish Wednesday Blog Post




Morning (3 hour block)

  • Blog Post Writing


  • Guitar Teaching (out of office)
  • If I’m not teaching, I’ll likely be writing blog posts (each one takes 3-6+ hours), editing photos, or learning a new skill




Morning (2-3 hour block)

  • Social Media Planning
  • Flat Lay/Product Photography or Self Shooting


  • Guitar Teaching and Tutoring (out of office)
  • If I’m not teaching, I’ll likely be writing blog posts (each one takes 3-6+ hours), editing photos, or learning a new skill


  • Finish Friday Blog Post




Morning (3 hour block)

  • Maintenence
  • Business Tasks
  • Any unfinished tasks

Afternoon (2 hours)

  • Friday Unboxing on Stories (every other week usually)




  • FREE DAY – I usually just hang out with the hubby 🙂




Morning or Evening (2 hour block – sometimes we shoot both morning and evening)

  • Photoshoots
  • Finish Monday Blog Post



Everyday Tasks

  • Read and Comment on other blogs (1 hour)
  • Emails (twice a day – 30 min to an hour each time, depending)
  • Post to Instagram (15-30 min unless I already have this done – this time is used for additional photo editing, caption writing and other prepping tasks)
  • Engage on Instagram (1 hour minimum)
  • Instagram Stories (15-30 minutes, depending)
  • Other socials: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (15 -30 minutes, depending)


Of course, there are sooo many other things that I do but I try to group “like” things together because it’s much easier that way. I find that I have more energy in the mornings so that’s when I tend to do the more important business tasks, while afternoons are more laid back and reserved for content creation. I also teach in the afternoons on certain days so sometimes I have to switch it up a bit. And sometimes I spend more time on certain things than others. It really just depends on the week 😉 I try to set an alarm so I don’t go over on my time block. Emails and Instagram can be a time suck and 30 minutes can easily turn into two hours so I’m try to be very aware of the time I’m spending on each thing. I also have my schedule color coded and printed out so it’s easy to read and I find that having a physical reminder of my tasks in front of me helps a ton! While this is what works for me, it’s certainly going to be very different for everyone. Personally, I think batching is soooo helpful, especially if you have other things going on. It’s just so much easier and more productive to focus on one thing rather than different types of tasks. Highly recommend!


Also, unrelated, but these photos were taken at our gorgeous pink hotel during our Carmel trip! There were soooo many flowers everywhere but this little spot caught my attention. Doesn’t it look like it’s straight out of a fairytale? It totally reminds me of Beauty and the Beast or Alice in Wonderland (when she’s painting the roses!) and it just happened to work perfectly with my dress too haha! Check out my full Carmel Travel Guide for more fairytale locations 🙂 P.S. If you’ve already read my post, this is the outfit I went hiking in haha!!



Have you tried batching? 

Any other tips for blogging more efficiently? 




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