Birthday Girl: My (31) Favorite Things

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Happy Friday, lovelies!

Today’s post is special because …it’s my birthday post – Woo! My actually birthday isn’t until Sunday, but why not celebrate a bit early haha! In last year’s post, I shared 30 lessons I learned in 30 years along with 30 things that you didn’t know about me! This year, I’ll be sharing 31 of my favorite things! *Cue the Sound of Music* 🙂

Outfit Details

Free People Maxi Dress (limited availability here – also love this) | Steve Madden Shoes (old – love these and these) | Ellen & James Handbag ( similar here) | Forever 21 Hat (old – love this and this) | Long Necklace (old – similar here

So a lot has happened over the last few months and this birthday just snuck up on me. Usually we head up to Tahoe to celebrate since it’s one of my favorite places ever but with all the craziness as of late, I completely forgot to book the hotel haha! This is the first year that I’ve been unsure of how I wanted to celebrate but I’m thinking ear piercing (finally) and Disney! Haha!

Anyway, since I went all out last year and shared an extensive post about my 30 most important life lessons along with 30 facts that you may not know about me, I decided that this year, I’ll keep it simple and share my favorite things! 😉

  1. Gorgeous Architecture – I’m obsessed with beautiful, intricate details and love ornate architecture!
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing Store Display Windows – It must be because I’m an artist but I just get so much inspiration from window displays! Anthropologie is always my favorite.
  3. My Office/Closet – My happy place! It brings me so much happiness and inspiration! (I’ll have to do a tour one of these days!)
  4. Flowers – I cannot live without flowers (obviously)! They are always in my apartment, on my clothing and the thing that brings the most joy when I’m outdoors.
  5. Yoga – It always pushes me to better myself and forces me to relax 😉
  6. Fireworks – There is just something so magical about them to me. I could watch them for hours!
  7. At Home Spa Days – I carve out this time for myself a few times a week and it one of the things I look forward to the most.
  8. Flowy Dresses – I feel most beautiful when I’m wearing a gorgeous flowy dress! Plus it makes twirling more fun!
  9. Making New Friends – Although I can be a bit shy, I enjoy meeting new people, making new friends and hearing other people’s stories.
  10. Sunrise and Sunset – I can’t choose….so I choose both haha!
  11. Adventure – I’m obsessed with traveling…anywhere (even if it’s just a short drive)! I love seeing new places, trying new things and opening my mind to different possibilities.
  12. Sunshine – I’m a California girl, after all. I live for sunshine!
  13. Disneyland – Even though I get mad at them for always raising prices, I still love my Disney 😉
  14. Pink – This one’s pretty self-explanatory haha! And colors in general just make me happy!
  15. Spring time – My absolute favorite season! My mood instantly lifts at the first sign of spring – that moment when it’s warm enough to sport a light dress amongst the blossoming flowers.
  16. Reading – I love how you can visit different places, different time periods and immerse yourself in a different reality just by reading words off of a page.
  17. Styling Outfits – I love that this allows me to challenge my creativity in a different way while also providing a therapeutic outlet.
  18. Playing Music – You all know that I play guitar but really, I love to play anything…especially piano.
  19. Creating Art – I love it all – drawing, painting, baking, photography, etc.
  20. The Perfect Purchase – I’m not talking about shopping in general. I’m talking about that moment when you buy something (a bag, a pair of shoes, a dress) and you literally squeal with delight when you open it. Maybe it’s a perfect fit or maybe it’s something that you’ve been saving up for a long time, but it’s a purchase that actually means something.
  21. Paris – From the quaint cafes and impeccable fashion to the expansive Versailles and twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at night, I just can’t get enough. Plus macaroons are my favorite ever!
  22. Rollercoasters – I loveeeee rollercoasters! There’s nothing better than flying through the air on a high speed car haha!
  23. Good Movies – I have my favorites that I love to watch over and over (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Devil Wears Prada, Step Brothers, Mean Girls, Willy Wonka, etc)
  24. The Window Seat on an Airplane – I’m one of those people that literally stares out the window the whole time. You’ll always see me taking photos and videos of everythinggg haha!
  25. Handwritten Notes – I literally keep everything – birthday cards, notes from high school and even handwritten notes from brand partners.
  26. Wearing Make-up – I always feel so much more confident and beautiful when my make-up looks good!
  27. The Target Home Section – I am not kidding….every time we go into Target, I HAVE to look at all the cute home decor. I then proceed to tell my husband “Let’s decorate!” He’s learned to expect this haha!
  28. Candles – I cannot resist a good candle and I always have like ten stocked up lol! This is also another Target thing – we ALWAYS smell the candles
  29. Picnics – I’m obsessed. They are my favorite thing ever!
  30. Planning – Not only do I love the physical aspect of planning, but I also love the mental aspect of planning….always looking at different perspectives and imagining the possibility of what can be.
  31. Birthdays – I loveeeeee birthdays, especially mine haha! It always makes everything extra special and puts a little more pep in my step. I seriously celebrate all month long because I never want it to end lol!

Let me also add this stunning maxi dress and these flower fields to the list 😉


I’d love to know what makes you smile!

Share your faves below!



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