Men’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 11 Gift Ideas for Him

This Men's Holiday Gift Guide has 11 different Christmas ideas for the man in your life!


I can’t even believe I’m writing this right now but… I’m so excited to share my FIRST gift guide of the season with you!! In the past, I’ve been pretty modest about posting holiday gift guides but this was something that was highly requested from all of you this year so you’ll be happy to know that I plan to post one per week for the next few weeks to ensure that you’ve got tons of gift ideas and plenty of time to receive them before Christmas ­čÖé I also have tons of holiday beauty and outfit ideas coming up too! You can find all holiday content here and all gift guides here.


Check out my first ever men’s holiday gift guide below!


This Men's Holiday Gift Guide has 11 different Christmas ideas for the man in your life!

This Men's Holiday Gift Guide has 11 different Christmas ideas for the man in your life!


When I first had the idea of a men’s holiday gift guide, I immediately approached my husband to ask for his expertise on the subject. He’s super stylish in a manly man kind of way so I knew he would give me some great ideas to share! Working together on this post was a lot of fun and I hope that you get some great ideas on what to gift your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, or any other man in your life <3



Men’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019 




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Tan Jacket | Headphones | Duffle Bag | Sunglasses | Watch | Flannel Shirt | Cream Sweater | Cologne | Moisturizer | Wallet | Boots | Green Jacket



My husband has a silk bomber from J.Crew that he adores and wears the regular! He’s currently on the look out for a corduroy or denim jacket with sherpa details.




Another thing he loves is boots! He’s had his Clarks for years and they still look amazing! In my opinion, aside from a jacket, boots are one of the season’s best investments.




My husband is really getting into sweaters for fall and winter. He typically favors the pullover style and is currently on the search for a beautiful cashmere sweater (because it’s super soft lol).



Flannel Shirts

There’s nothing manlier than a flannel shirt. My hubby wears his all the time for any occasion and always looks amazing. They are must-haves for fall and winter!




He said if he could only have one thing, it would be a nice watch. We got his mechanical watch at the top of Jungfraujoch when we visited the Swiss Alps for our honeymoon years ago. He gets compliments on it constantly! I think that nice watches are to men as luxury handbags are to women – great investment pieces!




Spicebomb and Acqua di Gio Perfumo (the black bottle) are his go-to colognes! They both smell sooooo good so I definitely recommend either one of those ­čśë




My hubby also loves his Ray-Bans! He has the classic Wayfarers but also loves the Clubmaster too! At first, I wasn’t sold on the price but I will say that they’ve lasted quite a while and still look brand new so they were worth the price.




He has a simple leather money clip wallet and I feel like when it comes to guys, simpler designs are always better. He favors the money clip because it’s super compact and doesn’t take up too much room in his pocket.



Duffle Bags

He’s had his eye on a Herschel for quite a while now and I can see why! We travel a ton but it doesn’t always call for full size luggage so duffle bags are a great alternative.




I feel like we are constantly buying headphones for the gym so a nice pair would be the perfect gift! He favors the wireless versions  so he can play Pandora during this workout sessions.




Since I’m a huge advocate of skincare, I had to share the importance of it with my husband as well so I created a skincare routine for him with products that I also use and love. He absolutely loves the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and the Kai Body Butter!




Other Gift Ideas


  • Coleman Camping Equipment
  • Canon Camera Equipment
  • Sports Equipment (Dick’s)
  • Power Tools
  • Experiences (a trip somewhere)


Places He Loves to Shop



This Men's Holiday Gift Guide has 11 different Christmas ideas for the man in your life!


I hope you loved my men’s holiday gift guide!

Stay tuned for more ­čÖé And feel free to share or pin for later!

Do you have any ideas to share? Let me know in a comment! 


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