May Favorites: 5 Trends to Try Now

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Since I have gone “full-time” with the blog (except I’m subbing this whole week – pray for me lol! It’s going to be an 80+ hour work week), I have been brainstorming different ideas for new blog posts. Of course, you will still be seeing quite a few outfit posts from me (at least two a week), but I’d also love to bring in some new and fresh content for you all. A lot of you had said that you wanted me to share more of myself with you so I am currently planning a “real talk” series where I talk about different personal issues that we all share. As for other ideas, I will likely be adding the sporadic interactive shopping post, round up post, a blogging series, styling tips, etc. I’ll be making a few changes to the website over time as well (maybe even a complete redesign). I’m hoping that this will mix things up and make Lizzie in Lace a more exciting place to be 🙂 If you have anything specific that you’d like me to cover in a future post or any questions that you’d like me to answer, let me know in a comment below! I would love to chat about topics that you all are interested in!

So this post is the first of a monthly round up series that I’ll be starting. At the beginning of every month, I’ll be sharing my favorites of that moment (trends/etc). For May, I am sharing my top five favorite Spring trends! (June will be exciting since it’s my birthday month 😀 Yay!)

Five trends that I’m loving at the moment are: Ruffles, Rompers, Victorian Inspired pieces, Embroidery and Pom Pom details. I’ve listed my favorite picks below! All photos are shoppable by clicking on them (including the collage above). I’ve probably linked way more pieces than I should have but we all need choices, right? Haha!

1.) Ruffles

2.) Rompers

3.) Victorian Inspired

4.) Embroidery

5.) Pom Poms

So I’m dying to know which trend is your favorite?Any guesses on my favorite one? 🙂
Also, let me know what you think about this new monthly series!
See you Wednesday for an outfit post. Eek!


Also, I apologize! I had technical difficulties with this post earlier and had to re-upload everything.

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