May 2020 Month in Review


It’s… MY BIRTHDAY! YAY! I have a fun post planned for Friday but today, I wanted to share my May 2020 Month in Review. Hope you enjoy <3

May 2020 Month in Review


What’s New?

  • I launched my YouTube channel!
  • We celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary (sadly had to cancel our trip but we still had a nice time at home!)


Health Updates:

  • Allergies were HORRIFIC this past month! They have honestly never been so terrible. We had to forgo our daily walks because I ended up super sick otherwise 🙁
  • Digestive issues have been all over the place but I want to wait aa bit longer before I go back to the doctor for another allergy test.
  • My husband is doing better for the most part 🙂


What I Watched


I hardly ever watch TV but we’ve been watching shows/movies nearly every night since lockdown so there’s a lot haha!

  • Even Stevens – finished!
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Bad Boys For Life 
  • Upload – super cute series!
  • Waco – loved this one too!
  • Hollywood
  • The Cable Guy – my first time watching it lol!
  • Den of Thieves
  • Jo Jo Rabbit
  • A Simple Favor 
  • This is the End – one of my hubby’s faves!
  • Sinister – one of my favorite scary movies!
  • 22 Jump Street
  • Alice in Wonderland – <3 
  • The Parent Trap (the Lindsey Lohan version)
  • Ghost Adventures 
  • The Wrong Missy 
  • The Road Within 
  • The Wolf of Wall Street – another of my hubby’s faves!
  • 13 Going on 30 
  • 500 Days of Summer 
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – <3 
  • My Girl 
  • My Week with Marilyn 
  • Dead to Me – we started this and I forgot about it until this moment haha!
  • Back to the Future
  • Modern Love 
  • The Fundamentals of Caring 
  • Wet Hot American Summer – we’ve watched lots of Paul Rudd recently ha!
  • The Simple Life – my first time watching lol! (can you believe that?)
  • Uncut Gems – good but lots of f-bombs and so.much.yelling
  • Filthy Rich (Epstein Documentary)
  • Mulan – my husband’s first time watching!
  • Can’t Hardly Wait – my first time watching and I fell asleep lol :-/ 




What I Listened To


  • We’ve been listening to lots of oldies lately 🙂


Where I Went

  • Just went for drives around town every weekend lol!


What I Bought

  • I found some gorgeous vintage Chanel earrings! They’re soooo sparkly and pretty!


Products I Tried 


Favorite Outfits From May


Most Popular Blog Posts from May


Video Content from May


Seasonal Bucket List Check In

Here are the items I checked off from my Spring Bucket List this past month:


  • Try a New Lemonade Recipe – I’ve been combining water I have on hand and so far everything has turned out delicious!
  • Clean Out My Closet – FINALLY finished! It took me a week haha! I still need to go through my accessories though. I’ll have a video up soon (this one might take a while to edit)
  • Do Something Creative – I’ve been doing lots of gardening!
  • Learn a New Skill – well… I’m mastering the art of video editing week by week lol!
  • Finish Up All of My Projects – Finished for now!! More to come later this year 🙂


Annual Goals Check In

You can find all of my 2020 goals here!

  • Step Out of My Comfort Zone – Starting my YouTube channel was a huge move for me! It honestly feels exactly how I felt when I started my blog. I put it off for so long out of fear of what people would think and felt like I didn’t know enough and that the quality wouldn’t be up to par with what I imagined for myself. More important, I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I was afraid that people wouldn’t like me if they saw my personality rather than just some pretty pictures and sadly, a big factor in this has been my dietary issues and the fact that I simply can’t figure out what’s going on with my body. Sometimes I feel like I have it under control and other times, I feel so frustrated and ashamed of how I look. Regardless, I decided I was going to go for it. I realized that there’s never going to be a right time and things are not going to be perfect. I just started so of course, I have to learn and practice…just like I did with blogging. And I’ve come to terms with the changes I’m experiencing with my body and appreciate that I’m healthy for the most part. It’s just one of those things that will take patience and experimentation on my part but it shouldn’t keep me from doing things. And I’ve realized that I shouldn’t let the fear of what others think dictate how I feel about myself and what I choose to do. Not everyone will be supportive but the right people will. <3
  • Be More Present – Although, I’ve been working like crazy during my “quarantine,” I’ve also been making it an effort to be more present. I’ve set a schedule for myself, which has helped a ton. I’ve been taking more time for myself with more self-care practices and immersing myself in activities like gardening, music and art. I’ve also been spending more time with my husband doing things like watching new series, coloring, cooking together, walking and sitting on the balcony watching the birds. It’s been really nice to slow down for once and I plan on keeping up with these practices once this is all over.


What I’m Looking Forward to in June

  • My birthday!!! (even though we had to cancel my birthday trip)
  • More self-care <3


Hope you loved my May 2020 month in review! 

What did you do in May?


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