March 2020 Month in Review


Wow! It’s been a month, hasn’t it? If you’re cooped up inside like me, make sure you check out these 26 quarantine ideas to boost your mood 😉

You guys… this whole year has been “:-(” so far but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook on things! I’ve been busy doing activities that bring me joy and it’s made me realize that I need to do more of those things in my “normal” life…. not just my “quarantine life.”

This past month, I was sent a bunch of farm fresh flowers and to be honest, I had no idea what to do with them. I had so many ideas but had never arranged flowers before! So I spent a few hours on a Saturday and just went at it and came up with these! I even had leftovers to make a flower crown and a few other things. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again! Hope these blooms make you smile as much as they made me 😀 Read on for my March 2020 Month in Review!


Outfit Details

Free People Dress (old – similar here) | BHLDN Heels c/o | Vintage Handbag (similar here) | Flowers via Petal Driven 



March 2020 Month in Review


What’s New?


Health Updates:

  • I’ve had hardly any bloating issues *yay!* No other symptoms 🙂 Problem foods have been completely eliminated for a few months now.
  • Hubby had some severe allergic reactions within the past two weeks but he is started to feel better!


What I Watched


  • The Marvelous Ms. Maisel – We finished up the third season and CANNOT wait for the fourth! Love this show so much and want pretty much all of her outfits.
  • Love is Blind – I don’t typically watch reality shows but this one held my interest! Very interesting experiment. Also, now I understand the hype about Jessica… she’s terrible!
  • Ink Master – One of my faves! Fun fact: I don’t have any tattoos myself but I considered being a tattoo artist at one point because I love to draw!
  • Ghost Adventures – An oldie but goodie! The new season just came out and it’s great so far!
  • Tiger King – Do yourself a favor and watch this RIGHT NOW. Totally worth the hype – I promise that your life will never be the same haha! For those of you wondering, it doesn’t show any animal cruelty. It’s moreso about the relationship between all the people in the show and how certain events transpired. Very interesting and entertaining docu-series!



  • Blogilates –  Finally tried at the recommendation of a few people and loved the workouts!
  • Yoga with Adriene – I’ve been missing yoga so much so I’m glad I found this channel!
  • Inner Integration – Great channel if you’ve dealt with toxic/narcisstic people in the past


What I Listened To


  • Game of Thrones soundtrack – I’ve never actually seen the show but I used to listen to this back in the day while I was working. I’ve recently rediscovered and it puts my mind at ease.
  • Played a ton of music on Instagram stories! If you want to hear me jam out on guitar, go here 😉


  • None this month


Where I Went

  • Nowhere 🙁 We’re all on lockdown (as I’m sure the majority of you are as well)


What I Bought

  • A cute purple dress from Asos that’s no longer available! Sadly the fit and fabric are terrible (especially for the price) so I’ll be returning. It was cute in concept but the execution was horrific! And trust me, I never say that haha.
  • Also bought this dress! I’ve been lusting after it and it went on sale so I made sure to snag it up.


Products I Tried 




Favorite Outfits From March


Most Popular Posts from the Month


Posts from Others That I Loved 


Seasonal Bucket List Check In

Here are the items I checked off from my Winter Bucket List this past month:

  • Find Time to Do Something Creative – I arranged flowers for the first time, recorded my own music and started filming my YouTube trailer!
  • Start a New Project – I started working on my newsletter!

Check out my Spring Bucket List here!


Annual Goals Check In

You can find all of my 2020 goals here!

  • Be More Creative – The silver lining of this quarantine is that it’s forced me to be more creative and to think outside the box. I’ve had time to get back into art and playing music and I’m learning new skills like how to create my own IG face filter and how to use my sewing machine. Since I now I have to shoot indoors, I’m getting more creative with backdrops and styling and trying to think of ways to creatively use the space in my small apartment.
  • Prioritize Health & Wellness – Now that my food issues are a thing of the past (knock on wood), I’ve gotten back into working out. I’ve been doing a lot of at-home workouts and yoga sessions for the time being but I’m excited to ride my bicycle and hike once we’re able to go back out. I’ve also been prioritizing myself instead of others and have been working diligently on my anxiety and mental well-being. I’ve started a gratitude journal, have been meditating and have been listening to positive YouTube videos. Normally, I would be super stressed about this whole COVID situation but I feel strangely at peace and happy that I have time to spend on myself because it really is such a luxury to do so.


What I’m Looking Forward to in April

  • Hopefully getting out of the apartment lol!
  • Seeing wildflowers (fingers crossed!)
  • Actually launching my YouTube channel (now that I have time to film ha!)
  • Launching my newsletter


Hope you loved my March 2020 month in review!

What did you do in March?






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