How to Look Feminine Without Wearing Pink


look feminine without wearing pink


I’ve been a feminine dresser for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I vividly recall creating outfits from my mom’s closet, strutting around in her highest heels and experimenting with her most colorful lipstick. I’ve always been drawn to frilly things like ruffles, sparkle, embellishments and of course, the color pink. Although the color is often tied to femininity, there are still many ways to look feminine without wearing pink!


look feminine without wearing pink

look feminine without wearing pink

look feminine without wearing pink

look feminine without wearing pink

look feminine without wearing pink

look feminine without wearing pink

look feminine without wearing pink

look feminine without wearing pink


Outfit Details

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How to Look Feminine Without Wearing Pink


Lighter Neutrals 

Any type of neutral can look feminine depending on the fabric, design details and silhouette, but lighter neutrals always seem to look a bit more feminine than their darker counterparts despite the garment design. For an ultra feminine look, go for camel, cream, white, and light grey.


Design Details

No matter the color of a garment, design details always add a bit of extra femininity! I always look for things such as embellishments, ruffles, swiss dots, bows, eyelet, sequins or embroidery. Textured fabrics such as faux fur, lace, tweed, chiffon, silk, brocade, and the like also add to that girly charm!


Silhouette and Fit 

The silhouette and fit of a garment is key, no matter the color! Of course, dresses and skirts are seen as more feminine since they are typically the most figure flattering but you still can still look feminine in jeans, tees and a moto jacket if the fit is on point. Feminine dressers typically gravitate toward things that nip in at the waist but looser flowy garments are also very feminine if the fabric is soft and light.



One of my favorite trends as of right now are hair accessories! I have been collecting hair accessories for over a decade, but I’m so happy to see them make a re-appearance in nearly every store and on every street style fashionista. If you’re style is more on the edgy or sporty side, pearl hair clips and headbands are the perfect way to add a bit of femininity! Another way is through jewelry. Dainty pieces that are delicate and romantic add the perfect feminine touch to any style of outfit and if you really want to go glam, add a statement necklace! Structured and even vintage-style handbags are also an easy way to add a feminine twist on an outfit. And as for shoes, go for some type of heel, pointed toe or a classic ballet flat style.


Lighter Makeup 

Everything about the feminine style is light and airy…the fabrics, the colors and even the makeup. No matter what you choose to wear, give yourself a feminine look with barely there makeup – neutral eyeshadow, flirty lashes, blushing cheeks and a soft lip color.



Above all, no matter what you’re wearing, being feminine is an attitude. It’s as much about being kind and compassionate toward others as it is being strong and confident in yourself. And while wearing the color pink doesn’t necessarily bring out these qualities in everyone, it’s a power color and serves as a reminder that even the most feminine woman can still be strong, powerful, confident and successful. As Anne Klein said…”Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women that wear them will.”


Do you have any other tips to add?

Let me know below!



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To celebrate International Women’s Day, I wanted to do a fun Q + A šŸ™‚


Introduce yourself, your blog, and tell us why you started it.

I started my blog as budding fashion designer. When all previous roads led to a dead end, I struggled to find a way to break into an industry that I once saw as impossible. When I found blogging, all the pieces started to fall into place and I found a passion for something that I didn’t even know existed. I wanted to share not only my passion for fashion with women all over the world and give them the confidence to embrace their unique style but to share my story, hopes and dreams in an effort to inspire others to fulfill their own.


What is your personal mission statement?

“Inspire women to embrace femininity through clothing, beauty and lifestyle and to have the courage to live out their dreams.”


What are some big goals that you’ve accomplished?

Not giving up on my dream. It is SO easy to just give up but it really takes a strong person to stay resilient after facing defeat many times over. Through this blog, I’ve had SO many incredible pinch me moments, experiences and opportunities that I never thought would come to fruition, even in my wildest dreams, but my biggest goal was never giving up and continuing on even when no one else understood why.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

To me, it means supporting one another and celebrating what it means to be a woman. As modern women, we wear many hats and often juggle home responsibilities, careers, motherhood, family, and individuality in an effort to live a fulfilled life and inspire those around us. We are dreamers but we are also doers and I love the recent movement of women supporting other women because that’s exactly what we need in order to succeed. I love that we can learn from, inspire, and help one another achieve succession building our empire and living out our dreams, whatever that looks like of each of us. It’s such a beautiful thing to witness!


Tell us three fun facts about you and let’s celebrate the fearless woman that you are!

  • I’m a rockstar (literally)! I play and teach guitar professionally (my all-time fave band is Metallica)!
  • I’m an adrenaline junkie! I’ve been skydiving 7 times and love rollercoasters (but I hate ladders haha)!
  • I have the biggest sweet tooth! Soft chocolate chip cookies are my fave!

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