Life Lately: What I’ve Been Doing During Quarantine

Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares what she's been doing during quarantine


Hi beauties!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts but I thought I’d update you all on what I’ve been doing during quarantine 🙂


Elizabeth Hugen on Lizzie in Lace wears a pink and black polka dot dress

Chi Chi London Pink Polka Dot Dress c/o 

Elizabeth Hugen on Lizzie in Lace wears a green floral dress

Chi Chi London Green Floral Dot Dress c/o (also love this)

Elizabeth Hugen on Lizzie in Lace wears a yellow floral dress

Chi Chi London Yellow Floral Dot Dress c/o (curve available here)


First off… I took mirror photos for the first time ever. And I posted them lol! And made a video! I can’t believe it’s come to this but here we are 🙂 How cute are these dresses from Chi Chi London? They definitely out a smile on my face! I dressed up in the yellow one to clean my apartment haha!

These days, I’ve been keeping myself very busy! I’ve slightly decreased my time online and have instead been pursuing other things. I’ve been documenting what I’ve been doing during quarantine each day through my Quarantine Diaries on Instagram stories but I thought I’d share more on here!




What I’ve Been Doing During Quarantine



How I’m Feeling


Overall, I’ve been feeling good and I’ve developed a deep appreciation for so many things! There have definitely been hard days and there have been other challenges that we’ve faced aside from the current situation but we’re making the best of it and staying positive.

I haven’t talked much about it on here but I can feel a bit anxious sometimes. Unpleasant situations make me feel *literally* sick to my stomach, which can cause a sense of panic, dread or fear. I experienced my first ever panic attack and it was terrifying. It’s scary to feel out of control but I came to terms that this situation and everything that comes with it is, in fact, out of my control so instead, I’ve chosen to embrace the free time I have and try to make the best of it. Staying busy (and staying off Facebook and news websites) have made it much more manageable and I’ve been more productive than I have in a long time. But it makes sense because when I was younger, I would clean and organize things anytime I felt stressed out and I guess this is just another form of that haha. The only thing that really brings me down is being indoors all day long (it’s been 4 weeks of being officially locked down and an additional week of being self-quarantined). After a while, I get stir crazy and long for the freedom to come and go as I please and the ability to just be outside. Our walks have helped and I’ve been spending much more time on my patio soaking up the sunshine.

My digestive issues have sadly returned! But I’m not eating any of the problem foods so I’m keeping a food diary again to see if I can find the culprit. Fingers crossed!

And my poor husband has been sooo sick for the last month! In my last Month in Review post, I shared that he was diagnosed with severe allergies and thankfully, we’ve got them under control but now we’re facing a completely different issue. After the allergy thing, he started feeling sick so he got “the test” and it came back negative. After a week, he was totally fine! Then last week, he started feeling nauseous every single day… all day long! He also started getting headaches everyday (he hardly gets them). He called out of work, which he never does, and just laid in bed all week. He hardly ate anything and lost 10 pounds in 3 days. He went to the doctor and they said it’s likely food-related (and possible anxiety/stress) so now he is experimenting with a new diet. Imagine this: two people with very different dietary restrictions in a time where finding specific groceries is a luxury lol! The irony…



What I’ve Been Doing


  • Filming Videos for YouTube (launching very soon!) – I dedicated an entire day to learning how to properly set up everything (lights, camera, mic), took a ton of “test” shots and made some short mock videos to practice. I filmed my first video but ended up having to re-film part of it because it went out of focus haha! I also set up my giant pink backdrop (it took up my entire living room lol!) and am currently trying to figure out how to film myself. It’s definitely been a learning experience! I’m planning to launch within the next two weeks (but really pushing for next week!).
  • Working on my Newsletter (also launching very soon!)- I’ve been held up on this because I’ve been going back and forth on a few key things but I’ve finally figured it out so I’m planning to have this up and running soon (hopefully by the end of next week!)
  • Cleaning Everything in Sight – So far, I’ve cleaned and organized every single inch of my apartment. I switched out my wardrobe, tidied up the main living area and completely organized my skincare cabinet.
  • Tending to my Plants – I have a succulent garden on my patio and they are really thriving! I have tiny succulents coming in and flowers blooming on quite a few of the mature ones. I also found a wildflower seed mix from last year so I planted them in open areas and have been watching them intently… I’m really excited to see what kind of flowers they are! And I know this sounds strange but since we don’t have any pets, my plants have filled that void. We’ve been thinking about fostering one though <3
  • Watching TONS of Movies – We’ve finished so many different series and have watching at least one movie every night for the duration of the lockdown so far (it’s been almost a month). I love all kinds of movies but lately we’ve been watching old favorites, comedies and feel-good flicks 🙂
  • Working on my Fitness – Right before the lockdown, I cancelled my gym membership and decided to try home workouts. I’ve been really making myself do them and I’m starting to feel better! I’ve been doing lots of yoga, full body workouts and walking around the complex every evening with my husband. I’m planning to take my bike out again soon too.
  • Working on Myself – I feel like I’m always on a quest to better myself but being confined indoors has made me want to do so even more. I’ve been making time for self-care every single day – a lavish skincare routine (which I’ll share with you next week), a gratitude journal, meditation and surrounding myself with positive news, videos and articles. I’ve also been making it a point to get dressed and do my makeup (even if it’s just BB cream and lipgloss).



What I Want to Do More of


  • Read More – I’m reading constantly! And I’m always reading articles about interesting things… on my phone. I have a lot of great books at my disposal and quite a few new ones on my wishlist (and a stack of magazines calling my name!).
  • Use My Sewing Machine – I never had time to learn how to use it before but now all I have is time so why not?
  • Create Art – I actually have been very crafty in the last couple of weeks but I want to do more of it. I want to paint my standing wardrobe rack, create fun backdrops, paint something for the wall and sketch fashion designs.
  • Play More Music – I do play a lot but there’s usually a time limit or a reason. I want to play… just to play.
  • Re-learn French – Because why not?
  • Get in the Kitchen – I want to make home-made dairy-free ice cream! And set up an ice cream bar lol!
  • Schedule More FaceTime Calls – While I’m quite introverted and thoroughly enjoy my alone time, working from home can be a bit lonely. I mean, I’m not entirely a hermit lol – I do enjoy talking to other people and it makes me feel good so I want to do more of it!


Lastly, I hope that all of you are doing okay!! This is absolutely life-changing for the majority of us and I know that we all cope in different ways. Please know that I am thinking of all of you during this time and sending out so much love to every single one of you. If you ever need anyone to talk to for any reason at all, please feel free to reach out. I’m here 🙂


What kind of things have you been doing during quarantine? What do you want to do more of?



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