Lavender Lucy



Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher


Top: LC Lauren Conrad

Skirt: Lularoe

Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad

Purse: Coach

Necklace: Modcloth

Bracelets: Kate Spade

Ring: LC Lauren Conrad


Good morning friends!


I had the pleasure of hearing Dallas Clayton speak at convention and was so inspired by his children’s books…mostly “The Awesome Book.” There was a quote that really resonated with me….”To dream a dream as big as big could ever dream to be, then dream a dream ten times as big as the one dream you see..” I have always had big dreams, but I think sometimes as we become adults, we forget about those dreams and settle for something else. I know that I have gone off the beaten path and in a completely different direction that everyone else. While everyone else is getting by doing whatever job they can, I am still searching and reaching for my goals no matter how many obstacles I have to overcome to get there. I know that I could take the easy way out and be content, but I want something more and this is for those that feel the same as I. Don’t give up. Keep dreaming, doing, reaching, moving forward. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle or crush all of your hopes and dreams. I was once told that those who pursue their dreams often have more hardship, heartache and struggles than those that give up. However, if they stay motivated, they WILL get to where they want to be and it will be worth everything it took to get there. Be patient and have faith. You will do great things. 🙂


So after that friendly reminder (and borderline deep conversation) I’d like to show off my outfit a bit. This skirt is from my boutique and when I received it, I was blown away. The lace is gorgeous…duh…but the color is just stunning! I never thought I could wear a maxi skirt with my height ( or lack thereof) I’ve really taken a liking to these Lucy skirts. I’m very much a textural person so I added a beautiful 3-D floral top. The result is sculptural, yet glamorous. I topped it off with my favorite Lauren Conrad heeled sandals and camel colored purse. A beautiful masterpiece of jewels adorned my neck as I kept the rest of jewelry simple. I am in complete love with this outfit and think it embodies who I am. I hope you love it too!




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