How to Resize a Hat

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Hat: Callanan Hats c/o

Dress: J.Crew

Purse: Kate Spade

Bracelet: Chloe & Isabel c/o

I don’t know about you but I LOVE hats! I think they are both functional and fashionable and add so much to an outfit.

But there is one problem…

They are always TOO BIG!

I love the excitement of getting a new hat, only to be met by the disappointment of trying it on. For YEARS, I wore hats that were way too big for me…or just didn’t wear them at all. I even contemplated getting rid of them because they didn’t fit. After discovering this little secret, I resized all of my hats and can now wear all of them without any problems!

*Please note that this hat in particular is actually resizable without the use of this tutorial. The hat used in this tutorial has a ribbon in the back that can be tied together to tighten the sweatband for a custom fit. Genius! This hat was only used for this tutorial to show you how you can customize the fit of a hat if this ribbon is not present. Enjoy!

What You Will Need:

* A Hat
*Foam Weatherstripping
*Scissors (not pictured)

You can get weatherstripping from your local hardware store and it’s fairly inexpensive. I got a roll for about three dollars and was able to resize about seven hats. It comes in different widths so if you hat is REALLY big, then go for a thicker one and if it’s just a tad too big, go for a thinner one.

The back of the weatherstripping is sticky making it perfect for this project.

To start, you can either put the sticky side against the hat itself (under the flap) or on the back of the flap. I personally prefer to put it on the flap because it feels more secure to me. If you put it on the hat itself, be mindful that it works best on “straw-type” materials. It won’t stick to felt or wool.

If you’ve chosen to put it under the flap, start at the back of the hat and work your way around until you reach your starting point. Press the weatherstripping down as you do this to ensure that it sticks.

If you’ve chosen to put it against the hat, do the same as above. Start at the back and work your way around until you reach you starting point while simultaneously pressing the weatherstripping into the hat to ensure that it sticks.

Once you reach you have placed your weather stripping around the inside of your hat, cut off the excess.

Go around your hat a few times pressing the weatherstripping down.

Once your weatherstripping is secure, carefully take off the top paper. Be sure to continue pressing the weatherstripping down as you remove this.

Once the top paper is removed, fold your flap over. You should not be able to see the weatherstripping. Go around the hat one more time pressing down to secure the weatherstripping.

TA DA! You now have a hat that fits!


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Have a great Wendesday!


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