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feminine outfit ideas for fall

Happy Friday, pretties!

This past week has been full of many ups and downs. It has been emotional and stressful yet encouraging and joyful both personally and professionally. It has reminded me that there is always some good that comes out of every bad situation and with this comes hope. I recently had the chance to chat with Annie of Style Collective about my rough road to becoming a fashion blogger and finally living out my dream despite all the obstacles. It really got me thinking about my journey so I thought I would share some wisdom with you!


feminine outfit ideas for fall

feminine outfit ideas for fall

feminine outfit ideas for fall

feminine outfit ideas for fall

feminine outfit ideas for fall

feminine outfit ideas for fall

feminine outfit ideas for fall

feminine outfit ideas for fall

feminine outfit ideas for fall

Outfit Details

Skirt c/o | Skirt c/o | Purse (old – similar here) | Shoes (on sale!) | Phone Case


A few months ago, I shared a post about why I started my blog.  This was one of my more personal posts and it exposed all the set backs and obstacles I had to overcome to get to where I am now. What you know is only half of the story and I’ve saved the rest for another time haha 😉 “Fashion blogger” was not my dream career….in fact, it wasn’t even thought of when I was younger. Fashion design was always my passion and somehow, even with all the pain and frustration I had to deal with, a new door opened…something even better than I could have imagined….and there were no obstacles in my way this time. There is a lesson to be learned here ( a few actually)…

Dreams Can Evolve

If you have your sights set on a specific goal and you don’t make it to that goal, you are not a failure. Sometimes, we have to take a different path to achieve our dreams or the timing just isn’t quite right and other times, our dreams change entirely. There are only so many times that you can try to force something to work and when you’ve exhausted all of your chances, it’s okay to give yourself permission to try something else. It is okay to step back from your original dream to open another door, even if it’s something completely different than what you had planned or something that you don’t even know the outcome of. Let yourself have flexibility when it comes to your goals and allow other unexpected doors to be opened. This very thing might be the opportunity that you have been waiting for as often times, the most magical moments happen when we least expect them to.

Keep Trying

All dream chasers are subject to being knocked down again and again. You will be turned away, told you aren’t good enough and might contemplate why you even bother trying. It’s so much easier to just throw in the towel and give up. It’s much simpler to NOT chase after your dream…it’s less emotional and it’s less work. You have to remember that nothing worth doing is easy. You have to be willing to work HARD for what you want and when you feel unmotivated and let down (which you will, many times), it’s important to pick yourself back up and keep trying in a different way. If you don’t try, you don’t know what the end result could have been and if you give up, you may not be fulfilling your true purpose.


Don’t Make Excuses

We love to make excuses when things get rough. We are always “too old,” too young,” “too short,” “too tall,” “too busy,” etc. We don’t “have enough experience” or the proper “education.” We don’t have “enough time” or it’s “not the right moment.” These are doubts that fill our head when we realize something is hard. You are never too old or too young to do something you love and that fills your heart with happiness. You learn through experience and trial and error, not through the things that you think you need to have in order to get started. There will never be enough time and there will never be a right time…we have families, social lives, and other obligations, but I have found that if you don’t make time for your dream and instead, keep putting it off, then it will never happen. There is always a sacrifice that needs to be made in order to achieve the thing we are most passionate about, but we think we can “do it all” and that it will happen eventually. Things do not just happen…you have to make it happen.


I am quite shy so sharing my story on the podcast was a huge step for me. It not only helped me overcome my fear, but has also completely opened my eyes and my heart to others that have been struggling with a similar situation. I do believe that we can learn through the knowledge of others and through their experiences. We can offer comfort and connection, letting others know that they are not alone. For those of you that have listened, I thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. And for those of you that are interested, feel free to read the blog post or listen in on iTunes.

Do you have any great tips to add?

Let me know below!



P.S. Isn’t this outfit adorable?! AHHHH*heart eyes*

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