How I Stay Organized Working from Home

stay organized


As working from home becomes the new normal given our current world situation, I thought it would be useful to share some tools that I use to stay organized! Being organized is so important when you have to depend only on yourself to get things done. Going from an office where things are slightly more organized to a home office (or couch) where you’re met with many different distractions can be daunting and confusing. Luckily, there are things (like this incredible planner) that can make your life and the transition so much easier!


How I Stay Organized Working from Home


stay organized

stay organized

stay organized

stay organized

stay organized

stay organized

stay organized

stay organized

stay organized

stay organized

stay organized

stay organized


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When it comes to running your own blog, there is A LOT involved. For me (like many others), it’s a one-woman show: we are writers, models, photographers, editors, marketers, negotiators, social media managers, stylists, book keepers and market researchers among other things so there is always a lot to do and being disorganized makes it that much harder. But we become accustomed to how things are run and it gets easier as time goes on.

Working from home can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at first. When you become so used to how things are run in an office, it can be difficult to know what to do when you’re on your own. There are quite a few ways that I stay organized including Google spreadsheets, various editorial calendars and phone apps but I’ll cover all of those in more detail in separate posts 🙂 Today I want to focus on how I keep not only my business organized, but my LIFE organized.

When it comes to organization, I’m a bit old fashioned. I prefer a pen and paper to a phone or computer any day. I just love having a physical planner to jot things down in and it’s been my lifesaver for many, many years. In the past, I’ve relied on my Kate Spade planner to keep me on task but since I had issues with organization and time management last year, I decided that I needed something a little more detailed to keep track of everything and help me reach my full potential in life and in business.


The Planner

I had heard about Erin Condren through some blogger friends but didn’t really think twice about it…that is, until I actually got my hands on a planner. It was love at first sight and the organizational geek in me went a little bit crazy. I was intrigued by all it had to offer: a folder pockets to keep all of my important papers, a contact page for my growing network, monthly calendars to see everything at a glance, weekly calendars with plenty of space to keep track of my crazy schedule, motivational quotes to keep me inspired, note pages to write down my ideas and my favorite part, coloring pages and stickers to brighten up everything up. What I didn’t realize at first is that the cover is made to be used with dry erase markers – you can write notes or quotes or lists or anything!! As someone that writes a hundred to-do lists a day on paper, this was a life-saver and the most genius thing I had ever seen.

Planner Accessories

After I got my planner, I knew I had to a.) do an overhaul on my desk and b.) add some accessories stat!



With this planner, you can actually change out the cover so I ordered the most beautiful floral cover and had it personalized in rose gold lettering. Every time I stare at it, it makes me so happy and I feel like it’s 100% me! I fell in love with the pattern so much that I ordered all of my desk accessories to go with it.



I got the matching floral clipboard to use when I’m not at my desk or when I’m traveling and don’t have a hard surface to write on. I also love that this one can be used with dry erase markers!


Personalized Stationary & Address Labels

I am a hug fan of sending handwritten cards so of course, I had to add in some personalized stationary in this gorgeous floral print. I always use these for thank you cards or just as a small gesture to brighten someone’s day!


Stapler & Tape Dispenser

I got both of these in the rose gold because they match my pink and mint office perfectly! The stapler is my fave though because not only is it beautiful but it’s inspiring and motivating. The words “Make it happen!” are a great daily reminder to keep chasing my dreams!

Sticky Notes

I use sticky notes for everything! The floral design is gorgeous and the small size is perfect for planner use (I also stick them on my computer). I love using them to keep track of things and for small reminders or ideas.



There are some things I’d like to work on during this quarantine such as eating better, working out, planning projects and the like so having the habit tracker is a life saver! Basically it’s a note pad with weekly goals that you check off each day. It’s a great way to ensure that small and often forgettable things get done so you can make big things happen 🙂


Double Sided Markers

The colors in this pack are so much fun! Having different colors makes it easier to organize and I find myself getting more creative 😉 I also love that these have a fine point side and regular marker side.


Dry Erase Markers

Having mini dry erase boards in your planner is mind-blowing to me. These markers are a fun addition to ensure that all of my goals are met and that my to-do lists never get lost again haha;-)


Stickers & Washi Tape

To decorate, of course! Haha!



These are the coolest things ever! So basically, they are planner attachments that you can add. I got the ones that best corresponded to my goals.

I have one to keep track of monthly bills, financial goals and to track my savings. My travel dashboard includes a packing list (so convenient!) and a page to plan out a week traveling. I also got a small one that includes a shopping list and a weekly meal tracker (so helpful with lifestyle changes). And my favorite is probably my weekly to do list, where I include all the repetitive tasks that I need to get done on a daily basis in order to keep my business running. This has been a life-changer!


How I Use my Planner


I feel like I have a million weekly and monthly schedules but this is the one I keep with me at all times. Theres a blank note page at the beginning of each month so I use that to write down my monthly goals or things that I need to accomplish that month. For the full month calendar, I usually write down important dates, birthdays, travel dates and a rough, non-detailed editorial calendar. For my weekly calendars, I keep track of all my projects, important appointments, travel details, non-repetitive to do’s and upcoming campaigns.



Do you use a planner to stay organized? Have any tips to add? Let me know below!



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