Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Review & 7 Hair Styles

Hidden Crown hair extensions review


I get SO many questions about my hair and today…I’m spilling my hair secrets! Check out my Hidden Crown hair extensions review below along with seven different hair styles I created with them!




Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Review


Hidden Crown hair extensions review


I wish I could say that these luscious locks are natural. In reality, my hair is very fine and won’t hold a curl. Shortly after starting the blog, I discovered the magic of extensions and never went back! I started off with clip ins and later on, graduated to permanent bonds. Unfortunately, my permanent hair extension experience was not the greatest and after the removal, I was left with extremely damaged hair that had broken off in every spot the extensions were placed (pretty much half my head!). I was devastated. Knowing that it would take at least a year to grow my hair back (and actually… it’s been a year and a half!), I looked into an alternative… and that’s when I found Hidden Crown.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by the amount of extensions types and I had no idea where to begin. Since I was in the process of growing my hair back out, I decided against the clip ins and chose a halo instead. I had never worn a halo extension before this and honestly, didn’t even know how it worked! After watching all the video tutorials on their website and reading countless reviews, I decided to go for it and ended up ordering two different halos.




Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Review


Daydream – 18 inch


Hidden Crown hair extensions review

Simple Ribbon Wrapped Braid 

Hidden Crown hair extensions review

Tousled Ends with Headband Worn as a Crown

Hidden Crown hair extensions review

Simple Ponytail with Ribbon

Hidden Crown hair extensions review

Chignon with Bow


The Hidden Crown Daydream has very natural ends so it looks comparable to your own hair. I knew this one would be perfect for everyday hairstyles like a simple pony tail, bun, braid or even just for wearing it down. I ordered the 18 inch and it’s about the same length as my natural hair. Initially, I was afraid that you would be able to see the extension or that it would be hard to use, but neither was true! It blends in SO well with my natural hair… no one even knows I’m wearing extensions unless I tell them! And it couldn’t be easier to use! After a few practice tries, it now takes me less than 30 seconds to put it on and no time at all to remove. Plus it holds a curl like no other!


Hidden Crown – 20 inch


Hidden Crown hair extensions review

Ribbon Wrapped Braided Half-Up Half-Down Style

Hidden Crown hair extensions review

Tousled Ends with Headband 

Hidden Crown hair extensions review

Simple Half-Up Half Down with Bow


Difference Between Hidden Crown and Daydream Halo Extensions


The main difference between the Hidden Crown and the Daydream is that the Hidden Crown is double drawn, meaning that the hair is the same length from top to bottom (no natural ends). There is also about 35% more hair than the Day Dream making this one perfect if you’re looking to create more glam hair styles! At first, I thought this one might be too thick for me but after seeing it on, I thought it looked amazing!! I also went for a slightly longer 20 inches to add a bit of length 😉 I love using this one to create fun half-up half-down styles, multiple braids, braided crowns and a more glamorous down do.


Hidden Crown hair extensions review

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First Impressions of Hidden Crown


The hair was SOOOOO soft! I knew immediately that the hair was good quality (it’s REMY hair, after all!). I wasn’t sure how to fit it on my head but the extensions came with all the tools needed and the video tutorials were super helpful!



What is a Halo Hair Extension?


If you are unfamiliar with the halo, it’s basically an extension that is connected by a thin wire (kind of like fishing line). Once adjusted to fit your head shape, the wire sits on top of your head with the top of your hair covering it. And honestly, when you’re wearing it, you can’t even see the wire!



Do Halo Extensions Fall Off?


This was the first question I had about the halo too! I have not had either of them fall off my head. I even took the Day Dream with me to NYFW and I forgot it was even there (I ran around everywhere AND there was strong winds!). It doesn’t come off when I lay down to watch Netflix with the hubby (make sure you don’t fall asleep with them though lol) or if I’m dancing like a crazy person in my car. It actually uses the weight of your own hair to stay in place – pretty crazy!



Which Color Extensions Do I Get?


I had no idea which color to get so I emailed photos of my hair in natural light to their team and they color matched me. I ended up with 613 (lightest blonde) and it was a perfect match!



Hidden Crown Halo Extensions Review


I am OBSESSED with my Hidden Crown extensions! I love both of them so much and after the unfortunate experience with my permanent extensions, I feel like myself again. I have been using them for over a year now and they still look perfect! I also love that this option exists because there is virtually no damage and I am glad that I am to take them out at my leisure 🙂


Hidden Crown Discount Code


Use my Hidden Crown promo code LIZZIEINLACE for $25 off! Shop here!



To create all the hairstyles in this post, I used an adorable polka dot Alexandre de Paris headband with attached ribbons! Honestly, you could probably style it a million different ways and it would still look amazing. I have a lotttt of hair accessories and it’s probably my favorite to date! To see more hairstyles with my extensions, go here and here!


For an updated review and a comparison of the Daydream, Hidden Crown, Layers and Clip Ins, check out this post or watch the video below!



Hope you loved this Hidden Crown hair extensions review!


Have you tried a halo extension before?

Which of these hairstyles is your favorite? 





Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares her halo hair extension review and 7 simple hairstyles




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