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Happy Friday, beauties!

I hope you all had a great week! Today, Lacey from The Glitter Gospel is going to show you a few different ways to style your white jeans. White jeans are a must-have for Spring and look amazing with pretty much anything! Lacey has the most amazing style and has put together some gorgeous outfits for you all (plus she is super sweet!). You will definitely enjoy her fun, girly and colorful style!


Hi guys! I’m Lacey Douthat, blogger at The Glitter Gospel. I’m here to fill in for Lizzie while she’s on an adventure. I was so excited when Lizzie invited me to guest post because I love developing friendships in the blogosphere. Honestly, that is my favorite thing about blogging. I get to have thousands of friends to talk about the things I love the most in life. Who could complain about that?

When thinking of a topic for this post, I remembered a conversation a friend of mine and I had a few weeks ago about white jeans. Being a blogger with a big focus on fashion, I’m always talking risks. My friends often say things like; “Oh I love that on you, but I could never pull that off.” The truth is though, you have to find your own way around pieces that are new. If you have only been wearing skinny jeans for years and try on a pair of flares; that is going to feel weird at first, right? The same goes with most trends.


White jeans aren’t really a trend per say, but they do get a lot of push back. When you pick the wrong style for your body shape or don’t pair them properly, things can go really wrong really fast! I will delve into shapes and sizes later, for now let’s talk about styling.



A super easy way to style white jeans is to find a new trendy top in your closet from recent purchases. Maybe there’s a trend you’ve been wanting to try, but don’t really know what to wear with it. White jeans go with EVERYTHING. Really, they do. Pair the top with a busy print, or that off the shoulder beauty you’ve been dying to wear with a good pair of white jeans and you have a seriously cute outfit on your hands. The white bottom serves as a blank canvas, so the details of your top won’t be too overwhelming. White jeans also help to make the rest of your outfit pop!


See above how I styled my favorite J Crew Matchstick jeans. The off shoulder top has a lot going on, so I kept it simple with the shoes and accessories and the top really shines. With the yellow top, I kept things light and airy. The lace detail on the bottom fades into the jeans and the nude heels help to make my legs look longer.


Another great option is adding a really fun pop of color on top. Like I said before, the white bottom helps the top to really stand out. You don’t have to worry about matching colors or wearing something too dark on the bottom. With white jeans you can really play with color. I love to style with color and prints. If you read my blog, you know I love lemons. (our dog is actually named lemon!) The classic lemon print top takes front and center and I opted to go with neutral accessories. See where I’m going here? I also love me a good plaid. The classic tartan button up was a great topper for my white jeans and I went with cognac accessories to help it pop. Both of these looks would be incredibly easy to duplicate!


You can totally go casual with white jeans! That’s actually one of my favorite ways to style them. You can pair them with tee shirts and sandals in the summer (perfect for class if you’re still in school) or go with a layered look with a cute open jacket or cardigan and your favorite sneakers (Chuck Taylors always come in clutch here!). There are so many options here! Just play with items you have in your closet. Those sorority tees, spirit jerseys, and PFG’s also look great with white jeans.



Don’t be afraid to pair denim with denim. I even do that with all blue denim! (Hello canadian tuxedo!) A great way to do this is a denim jacket! Both looks above were styled with the same denim jacket. I get so much use out of mine! For look one I opted for three denim pieces by adding a chambray top underneath. For the second I used a stripe tee and tried out the neck scarf trend. (I’m so parisian, don’t ya think?)



Last, but not least is white on white. This is seriously my favorite thing to do. I recently wrote about how white used to be my arch nemesis! I’m not a very tan girl, and I used to obsess over tanning. Now I realize that white actually helps me have a glow! You can do this so many ways! Above I used a chiffon top with lace details and added a pop of color with my sandals. I also did a simple tank with my Tory Burch sandals and added a scarf for some added interest. You can even do this without adding a pop of color. Just throw on some lipstick with your look and a pair of nude heels and you will seriously be giving some gorgeous vibes! White on white is the prettiest!

Where to Buy White Jeans:

This is a huge question I get! Honestly, it depends on your shape. I can give you my favorites and some tips based on research and insight for other body types as well.


Pear Shaped:

I’m pear shaped, meaning I am smaller on top and carry most of my weight on the bottom. I’ve always been super self conscious about that, but I’m starting to learn to love my shape. Especially with some tricks! For one: buy mid or high waisted jeans only. DO NOT BUY LOW RISE DENIM IF YOU ARE PEAR SHAPED! For real, just don’t. They do not fit right and make your hips look hella wide! Instead opt for a high or mid rise that will bring attention to your small waist and also help you to appear taller and elongated. Those low rise jeans do nothing for us pear shaped girls but leave us looking frumpy and stumpy. I can’t emphasize this enough!


My picks? The Old Navy Rockstar Mid rise or High rise are AMAZING and so cheap! They are almost always on sale and usually come in under $40! For a mid grade option I love the Asos Sculpt Jeans in High Rise. They are $60 and give you a gorgeous shape. Anything with sculpt is your friend! A higher end favorite are the AG Legging in Mid or High Rise. They feel like butter and wash + wear so well. They come in at just under $200, so that’s the only negative.


Hour Glass:

I think hourglass shapes are so stunning. Hello Beyonce. Seriously though! I recommend sticking with high rise only if you have an hourglass shape. Since you carry your weight on top and bottom… that tiny waist needs to get all the attention. I also recommend the Old Navy Rock Star (high rise only!), Asos Sculpt, and AG Legging (high rise only) for this shape. The high waist is really going to emphasize your beautiful curves!



Athletes are so tricky! Ya’ll are incredibly fit, but with so much muscle it can be difficult to fit your tiny waist and mid section because you have a lot of muscle in your legs and often you have that squat game down so your glutes are rock hard. (Not gonna lie, I’m crazy jealous!) Opt for a jean with LOTS of stretch. Anything that “coins” legging as a description is your friend! The AG Legging Jean would be a great example. I’ve also heard that American Eagle has the best legging jean on the planet that doesn’t ride up! (those were recommended by the best Athlete I know, my conference champ softball player cousin who could probably bench me!)



First off, you lucky thing you! Second, this is really the easiest one! Jeans are hard for most because our waist is so much smaller than our tush! That’s why we MUST have stretch in our jeans. For thin girls, it gets a little easier. You can opt for the 100% cotton options, where others cannot. Don’t get me wrong, you can still live in those stretch jeans! You just happen to have more options. I’ve heard that Levi’s are seriously amazing for thin girls! I absolutely love Levi’s, but they were not meant for girls with a lot of junk in the trunk if yanno what I mean.



For plus I highly recommend the Curve line from Asos! I’ve been recommending it a ton to my plus size friends and they have amazing things to say! The great thing too is that most of the curve options are the same as the regular and petite lines, so you can still get the exact same styles regardless of size. I also have some NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans) myself and they come in plus size. I absolutely love them and they have amazing stretch to them. My main tip here is again opt for the high rise. That is going to flatter your shape best and really show off your curves.

I know a lot of us fall in between these “categories”, but luckily… our denim options are getting better all the time! Try my recommendations and see what you think. I hope this helped you better navigate how to wear and where to buy white jeans! I know it can be tricky, but when you find the right pair… I promise you will love them as much as I do!



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