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I am totally missing you all right now! Today is our first day exploring Rome and I am so excited to see so much history. If there is anyone knowledgeable about Italy, it’s Cindy. She has given me a lot of great advice for trip planning so if you’ll be trekking through Italy anytime soon, check out her blog! If you want to check out our adventures so far, head on over to Instagram 🙂

Cindy from Foriegn Fresh Fierce is taking over and will be discussing how to wear color (one of my favorite subjects). Check out her tips below!

COLOR! Color in the sense of your wardrobe. As you have noticed on my Instagram, I love wearing bright bold colors! And I love mixing it up and not be all matchy matchy! Sometimes putting random colors together and experimenting works out great! Purple is my favorite color, but I love a bright royal blue and greens too!

I truly feel that everyone should have a colorful wardrobe! I feel that everyone should own at least one item in these 6 colors: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, ORANGE, and PURPLE! Some women feel that wearing colors can be hard and prefer to stay within their “comfort zone” aka the “neutral zone” such as white, black and beige. Sometimes thinking about wearing color can be quite intimating since there are so much out there. The best place to start is to figure out what kind of skin tone you have that will look best on you.


There are 3 categories for skin tones: Warm, Cool and Neutral. This can be difficult to determine on your own but going to a makeup counter can help.

Warm tone means you have a yellow, peachy or golden undertones. Those in the warm tone category can try oranges, reds, amber and honey gold in the “warm color family”. Also try warmer greens blues, olive or magenta in the “cool color” family.

Cool tone means you have a pink red or blue undertones. Those in the cool tone category can try wearing blue emerald, royal blue, amethyst and deep purples in the “cool color family”. Also try wearing bright pink, crimson or ruby in the “warm color family”.

PSX_20160708_111951 Purse from 88 Handbags

Neutral tone is a mix of both warm and cool undertones. So pretty much you fall right in the middle. Typically you would look for colors in light shades such as light pink, soft rose, mild blue or jade green. Basically, you would go with a softer version of bright/bold color shades.

PSX_20160708_112053 Earrings from Rocksbox

I have friends of different races and skin tones. Sometimes I hear from some of my fair skinned friends that they will not wear certain colors because they feel like it will wash them out. It is true. There may be a color that might not be the best color one you, but it does not mean you can never wear that color. What I mean by that is take the color yellow for example. On a fair skinned person, a bright yellow color may make them look washed out. This happens when your top (blouse, T-shirt tank) is this type of color because it is so close to your face. However, this does not mean that you should never buy yellow. Instead, have your bottoms such as a pair of shorts or skirt be yellow as an accent color or wear the color as an accessory such as a pair of earrings, belt or purse.

Necklace from Dauphines of New York



New York & Company just had an awesome sale that still may be going on. My sateen black shorts were on sale for $15! Also they had a Buy 1 get 3 FREE on their colorful tees which made them about $4 each! They have every shade in the rainbow including many color shorts! That is a good affordable to play with colors and see what looks good on you! You may discover a new color that you never thought about wearing before!

PSX_20160708_111837 Heels from Just Fab

Be creative and have fun with it! I would love to hear what you favorite colors you like to wear! Please leave me a comment below! Stay tuned for Part 2 of ” The Best Color is the One that Looks Good on You” this fall for your fall/winter fashion!

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