Girl Boss: Color and Grace

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Happy Monday, beauties!

I hope you all had the best weekend! I went with my husband and family to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday – eek! We also stopped by The Grove to do a little shopping and to pick up my favorite sweet treats from Laudareé 😉 It was so much fun!

I wanted to start off your week off right with another motivation Girl Boss post (if you’ve missed any previous interviews, check them out here)! Today, I am interviewing Grace from Color and Grace. I’ve been following her journey for the past few years and it has been absolutely incredible to watch it unfold. She is a teacher turned full-time blogger with a unique style that is fun, eclectic, bold and colorful. Read more about her journey below!


Tell us about yourself:

40s Petite Full-time Influencer | Born and Raised in China | Ugly Duckling to Swan | Move to America for Love |
Step-mother—Grandma—Widow—Moti vational Speaker  | Former Sales, Training Manager, HR Manager, Online Boutique Owner, Teacher |
Dreaming — living in dream life | Lifestyle-Fashion-Beauty- Travel-Wellness-Food- Relationship

Tell us about your journey to becoming a full-time blogger:

I started my blog Color and Grace in December, 2014 when I was still a full-time teacher. I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was very young, but I didn’t know how to draw or how to sew. At end of 2014, I have read many articles about fashion bloggers and I was like, I can do this too! I became full-time blogger since 2018 and so far I LOVE it! I told everyone that I am living in my dream life now.

How has your blog evolved since you first began?

I was used to posting every single day for almost one year. After learning from others, I changed to 5 days a week and now 3 times. I also finally got comfortable taking photos outside my backyard after the second year. At the beginning, I position myself as a fashion blogger, but now I am covering fashion, beauty, travel, wellness and other lifestyles. I would like to add food at some point since I am a foodie.



What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced with blogging and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge has to be the quality of my photos. Since I don’t have a photographer or an Instagram husband, I just find whoever I can to help with photos. When I travel, I just asked strangers on the street. So the quality has not been as great as I hoped.

What are some common misconceptions about blogging?

Since this is still kinda a new industry, there are a lot of people having a hard time learning about what exactly bloggers do, or how they make a living. Some people say I just take pretty pictures of myself and then make money. Lol. Most people don’t see the long hours, no weekends type of life that a blogger really has.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite part is meeting many new similar minded people! I am a people person and love to hear their stories. The least favorite part is the super long hours that I have to spend on my social media to keep up the engagement rate.



Can you give us a peek into what a typical day is like?

I normally don’t have alarm but I usually get up between 7:30 to 8:30. Washing up, dressing up then have a banana and coffee while listening to motivational videos on Youtube. I aim to start my work at 9:00. First, I do link up parties, then emails, after that, will be writing posts, taking photos and pitch to brands. I usually have lunch between 11 to 12 and finish up my work around 5:30. Then dinner, gym, and some yard work before going to bed. I used to work all day but now I am trying to make it as a normal job and give myself evenings and weekends off. Not very successful yet but I am getting there.

What is the most important part of your brand strategy and key to success?

Being real and telling your stories, no matter how long your stories may be. I don’t mind not being pretty or showing my weakness. People like me because of who I really am – with flaws but never give-up.

What is something that people are surprised to learn about you?

I am shorter than they thought after they seeing me in person. Lol. In fact, the biggest surprise is they can’t believe I don’t have a professional photographer and just ask strangers to take photos of me.

Where are your top three favorite places to shop?

  • Alice & Oliva
  • Zara
  • Shopbop



Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere! People watching, internet, movies, arts.

What advice do you have about remaining authentic in the digital space?

Everyone has a tribe! You just need to find those similar minded people. There is no need to change who you are, but you still can grow into the best version that you can.

What has been your biggest “pinch me” moment?

I have been on TVs, Magazines and have worked with big designers a few times. But I have to say, the experience of personally working with Stacy London side by side is the moment that I will treasure forever.



If you weren’t blogging, what would you be doing?

Probably still teaching. I was a great teacher and adored by students, parents and co-workers. I am very good at it but fashion is my passion.

What advice would you give to those wanting to start a blog?

Start it because you love it, not just because It is hot at this moment. It requires a lot of hard work to make it a full-time job, in fact, there are probably only about 10% of the bloggers are full-time. Without the passion and hard work, most people disperse from this blogging world after a while.

Words to live by:

Dream it, plan it and make it happen!

Huge thanks to Grace for sharing her story with us! You can follow along on Instagram and her blog.

Did you enjoy this interview? Let me your thoughts!


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