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If there’s one thing that you don’t know about me but probably could have guessed anyway, it’s that I love Disney princesses. For this post, I wanted to style a modern day winter outfit inspired by one of my favorites…Elsa! Read on to see how you can recreate this outfit….and maybe have a good laugh in the process ha! 🙂

Sweater: Target (out of stock – similar here and here) | Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad (old – similar here) | Coat: Red Dress Boutique (old – love this!) | Purse: Cuore & Pelle c/o | Shoes: Anthropologie (old – love these and these)  | Necklace: Victoria Emerson c/o | Bracelet: Brook & York c/o

I never saw Frozen until two years after it came out. TWO! I just didn’t understand what all the fuss was about…until one day when I took a job to sub for a high school Physics class. I am so not a mainstream kind of person and pretty much go against anything that is considered “cool” at the time, unless it’s something I truly love. Call it stubbornness, if you will but even though I love Disney, I purposely did not watch the movie because it was everywhere!! Plastered on t-shirts, toys, books, and in the head of every six year singing “Let it go.” Anyway, the teacher had left the Frozen DVD for the class to watch. I fought it so hard but thought to myself…”well, maybe I’ll just watch the first half.” This turned into me staying in during lunch to finish the movie. I laughed, I cried, and somehow found myself humming along with the tunes. I went home that night…and watched it again. Soon after, my husband and I went to Disneyland as we do for most anniversaries. As we departed from Space Mountain, I couldn’t help but notice a girl with blue hair on stage on Main St. Having no idea who it was, we tried to make our way out of the crowd. Our mission proved unsuccessful and we stayed for the whole duration of “Let it go.” I willingly joined the mob of elementary aged girls screaming, dancing and singing the words with Demi Lovato (it’s a good thing I’m short because I blended right in). It was a magical moment that my husband still makes fun of me for and I will admit that this time I’m glad I “went mainstream” because it’s now one of my favorite movies (after Beauty & the Beast, of course! Can’t wait to see it next month!).

In some of my very first posts, I created looks inspired by Disney princesses (search it!), so it was only natural to include Queen Elsa. For this look, I styled a very simple “winter white” ensemble that was made up of white patterned jeans and a cozy cable knit sweater. I styled it with a stone colored purse, sparkly grey heels, dainty gold jewels and an amazing statement necklace that reminds me of icicles. I finished off the look with a beautiful light blue coat fit for a queen. 🙂

*Make sure to stop by Friday as it’s a very special day…my Blogiversary! I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned thus far and would love to have you join in!

Also…I’d love to you have any movies that you absolutely refused to watch initially and ended up liking? Surely, I’m not the only one haha!

Happy Wednesday!


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