February 2019 Month in Review


February 2019 month in review


I’m so happy that you all loved last month’s first installment of my Month in Review series! So much so that I have decided to make it a monthly addition to the blog – yay! 🙂 In this series, you can expect to see a recap of what I’ve been up to for the past month – read on for my February 2019 month in review!


February 2019 month in review

February 2019 month in review

February 2019 month in review

February 2019 month in review

February 2019 month in review

February 2019 month in review

February 2019 month in review

February 2019 month in review

February 2019 month in review

Outfit Details 

Cece Sportswear Top c/o | Chi Chi London Coat (old – similar here) | Marc Fisher Boots (budget friendly option) | Mary Frances Handbag c/o | Brothers and Sisters Beret c/o | Gorjana Ring via Rocksbox (get a free month here or use my Rocksbox code ELIZABETHBFF651)


What’s New?

  • Celebrated my four year blog anniversary!! YAY!
  • Finally finished my closet/apartment clean out…and it feels amazing! I still have a few spring/summer things to go through but the majority is finished 😀
  • Experienced temperatures under 20 degrees for the first time haha!
  • Checked the Brooklyn Bridge off my bucket list!
  • Learned some new guitar music: Mad World and Scarborough Fair (fingerstyle) are some recent faves to play!
  • Took my first client for a new side business I’m launching soon!


What I Watched


  • The Office – This is always our go-to when we’re in between shows 🙂 If you want a good laugh, our favorite episodes are “Dinner Party,” “Stress Relief: Part 1,” “Goodbye Toby” and “Threat Level Midnight.”
  • The Crown – Just started watching this for the first time and love it so far!!


  • Travel Videos – My husband has taken up a recent interest in traveling everywhere (literally) so we’ve been watching a ton of travel videos lol! (Yellow Productions is becoming one of our favorites haha!)


What I Read (still reading both of these)


What I Listened To


  • Sicko Mode – I hatedddd this song at first but my husband got me into it and now it’s kind of my jam haha!

Podcasts (I drive a lot so I love listening to these in the car!)

  • Drink with James – Loved the recent episode with Julia Engel!


Where I Went

  • NYFW – This was my very first February NYFW and it didn’t disappoint! It was definitely a trip with a lot of “firsts” and was probably the one where I experienced the most growth personally and professionally. Aside from that, I also experienced the downside of a frozen airplane resulting in a seven hour flight delay, my first AirBnb booking experience that didn’t go so well and a situation where I ended up stranded due to my phone not working ha! Lessons learned on my part and still an amazing trip 🙂 (See what I wore and where I went on Day One, Day Two and Day Three & Four!)


What I Bought

  • This maxi! – It will be so cute for spring! (also got this one in the same print!)


Favorite Outfits From January


Products I Tried 


Most Popular Posts from the Month


Posts from Others That I Loved 


Annual Goals Check In

I want to make it a habit of checking in monthly with my annual goals (I’ll be highlighting one in a post for each month this year!).

  • Kick Out The Clutter – This has been a process/transition that I’ve been going through for the past six months or so (maybe longer). De-cluttering has always been difficult for me to an extent so this process is something I’m very proud of. As mentioned before, I completely de-cluttered the apartment and closet – I got rid of anything that didn’t fit or had outgrown, wasn’t my/our style, or that had a painful memory attached to it. I also finished de-cluttering my inner circle and got rid of those that are toxic or cause any type of stress, pain or negativity. It was more than I thought int would be but I feel like at some point, I was attracting those type of people. I have been doing really well since cutting out those individuals and am finally feel like myself again. 🙂
  • Be Myself – This was a big goal for me this year and during NYFW, I had an epiphany that made me realize that it’s okay to be myself. Read all about it in this post!


What I’m Looking Forward to in March

  • Springtime!!! Flowers! Sunshine! 


Hope you loved my February 2019 month in review!

What did you do in February?



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