Fall Bucket List and Intentions


Even though fall is in full swing, the weather in California hasn’t quite got the memo. I’m currently dreaming of crisp mornings, changing leaves and flannel pajamas and hopefully soon, these dreams will become a reality. Until then, I thought it would be appropriate to share my fall bucket list and intentions.


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First things first… do you notice anything strange about today’s outfit? By some miracle, I’m wearing jeans AND a sweatshirt haha! I had to share photo proof because if I didn’t then did it even happen? Haha!

When the seasons change, I usually like to check in with myself about my goals and intentions for the year. At the beginning of the year, I shared my 2018 goals and to be honest, it’s been a challenge to stick with them this year. I find checking in with yourself every few months to be a great way to stay on track and even change or create new goals. I usually do this off the blog but I’m thinking that I should share this quarterly – any thoughts? Anyway, I’ve gone through a lot of changes recently and thought I should share my intentions for this season along with my fall bucket list.

Fall Intentions


Make Health a Priority

Years ago, I would go to the gym at least four times a week and at one point, I was taking five yoga classes a week. As I’ve taken on more responsibility with other things, working out has fallen by the wayside. Also, in the past year or so, I’ve noticed several digestive changes that have left me completely frustrated and clueless. For this season, I want to be more consistent with my gym and yoga routine, incorporate more outdoor walks and find a diet that works with my digestive issues.


Practice Self-Love

This is a journey that I have been on for a while and something I feel everyone can benefit from. After everything that happened this year, I’m finally on my way to becoming a better version of myself because I’ve been making self-love a priority. I’ll be sharing a few of my tips in a future post!


Get Back to Business

The burn out has been real this year so I’ve been putting off a lot of blog related projects but now I’m ready to get back on track. I have a lot of small (and big) changes planned for the next six months and I’m excited to start making those ideas a reality. Staying focused and managing my time have been a struggle so I’m pushing myself to stay consistent in these areas this season.


Fall Bucket List


I always love a good bucket list! It serves as a reminder that the little things matter the most and I’m hoping this list inspires the creation of many memories this season.

  • Go Apple Picking (I’ve never been!)
  • Visit the Pumpkin Patch
  • Cuddle Up and Watch a Marathon of Halloween Movies
  • Bake Some Sweet Treats
  • Try Some New Restaurants in Town
  • Explore the Changing Leaves with a Hike Outdoors
  • Actually Decorate for Fall
  • Shop the Local Farmer’s Market
  • Finish Going Through my Fall/Winter Wardrobe and Donate
  • Try to Find a Coffee I Actually Like lol! (and perhaps try the famed PSL)
  • Get in the Habit of Taking Daily Walks Outdoors
  • Plan a Fall Mini-Getaway
  • Redecorate the Apartment
  • Invest in Basic Clothing Items (nothing I have is basic haha!)


What are some of your fall intentions or bucket list items? 



P.S. Thank you all SO much for the prayers on Monday! I don’t want to get into the details but we had a serious scare with my mother-in-law. She is still in the hospital but doing much better! I definitely believe in the power of prayer and I can’t thank you all enough for sending love and positivity our way <3


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