Drenched in Jewels


Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher


Coat: LC Lauren Conrad (similar)

Dress: Lularoe

Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad (similar)

Rings: LC Lauren Conrad & Anthropologie

Necklace: Mirina Collections (identical here for much, MUCH cheaper)

Woo Monday! (or something like that…ha!)



I guess it’s no secret that I’m jewelry obsessed, but these jewels are on a completely different level. I mean, look at that stunning piece of art! That’s a statement necklace if I ever saw one. While I’m not completely into HUGE necklaces, this one is gorgeous and so I will make an exception. It reminds me something a princess would wear and is the most elaborate necklace I own….definitely one to save for those special occasions. 😉 I’m even thinking about making it into two separate necklaces so that I can wear them in a more modest way.


Since the necklace is pretty much a wearable and sculptural art piece, I decided to make my outfit a blank canvas as not to distract from it. I don’t normally wear a lot of black, but I thought this dress was perfect…plus it has shimmer. 😀 Anddd this is actually the last dress I kept from my business before I sold it off so it’s pretty special. 🙂  




With all the craziness going on with Mirina Collections right now, I just thought I would do a small update.

I don’t want to go into too many details about this company because there are legal worries. Although there have been some red flags, I do not know if anything that has been said is true. Therefore, I remain neutral on this topic and have decided to no longer “promote” Mirina JUST IN CASE.

I do want my readers to know that I  never did subject you to any discount codes or a link to the actual product (see that I linked to an identical product elsewhere for much cheaper) because all the craziness started right before this post. I did not promote them on any social media channels. This is because I had to pay for the product and did not feel that it was right to be forced to promote something that I bought myself. Also, I did not originally write this post as promotion to this company, but only to challenge myself by styling this necklace.

I do not wish to spread hate about a company that could possibly be a misunderstanding. This post is not to bash this company, but rather to explain a situation that has come up as gracefully as I can.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and looking to me for advice and inspiration! It means so much more than you could imagine! Just know, that you as my readers, are in my best interest and I would NEVER intentionally promote something that I didn’t believe in and that I would not personally wear.

Just a friendly reminder for all the bloggers out there:

When working with a brand, you should NEVER have to pay for an item to promote. Not even shipping. Normally, the product is in exchange for an honest post about the item. If a company ever asks you to pay anything, kindly opt out. 🙂

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