Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY

Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY


I’m sure many of you have seen those gorgeous sequined hangers all over your instagram and pinterest feed and have wondered…where do I get that?! I know that I have! Of course there are many Etsy shops that you could purchase them from, but what’s the fun in that? I love making things  myself (I DIYed most of my wedding if you recall from this post) so I thought I would give it a shot because you know, pretty clothes need pretty hangers! Today I’m going to show you how to make your own gorgeous masterpiece with this simple tutorial, an Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY!


Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY

Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY

First things first, you will need a handful of things to get started.

*A wooden coat hanger (you can get these from most stores for about $4-5 for a pack of three. I just happened to have a few already in my closet)

*One yard of stretchy sequined trim in your choice of color ($8 a yard at JoAnn’s so make sure to bring a coupon!)

*A hot glue gun (got this one at Michael’s many years ago for under $10

*Hot glue sticks (just a few dollars for lots of glue!)

Estimated Price (per hanger): $5-$10 (depending on coupons offered and what items you already have)

 Estimated Time (per hanger): 10-15 minutes


Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY

Step One

Line the bottom corner of your hanger with hot glue.


Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY

Step Two

While your glue is still gooey, line up the edge of your trim and lay it down while pressing firmly.


Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY

Step Three:

Proceed to the next side by placing glue on the hanger. Stretch the trim over the glue and push down.


Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY

Step Four:

Repeat layering glue and trim on each side. When you wrap you trim, be sure to stretch it enough to provide enough coverage, but not enough to make the sequins spaced out. When you wrap the trim around, make sure that you match up the side edges instead of layering them over each other to get more coverage out of your trim.


Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY

Step Five:

When you come to the hook, wrap over the top left side and come down to the right to begin the right side of the hook.


Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY

Step Six:

Continue the previous steps to wrap the remaining part of the hanger. Once you reach the end, place glue on the underside to secure your trim (similar to what you did when you began). You may have had some sequins fall off in the process. Go through and fill in bald spots with those loose sequins, if needed.

Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY


You now a gorgeous art piece to showcase your beautiful garments on! Whether it’s for photographic moments, a shop display, your closet or your wedding, these hangers will be sure to make an impact!

I have already made two of these beautiful and plan to make more! I have already gotten so many compliments. They can’t believe I made them!

Hope you loved this Easy Gold Sequined Hanger DIY!

Will you be trying this out?


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