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Happy Fri-YAY!

It’s been a crazy busy week and I am so excited to take sometime for me today. I have been working on a lot of exciting things that will be coming to fruitation within the next few weeks (eek!). Last week, I asked you all to submit questions you had for a Q&A session so I’ll be answering some of those below. Read on to see my answers and see how I styled this cute outfit!

Outfit Details:

Coat (factory version here) | Sweatshirt (grey version here, purple version here, also LOVE this!) | Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad (old – tons of options here) | Heels: Anthropologie (old – love these) | Purse: Amazon (similar here, also love this) | Headband: Anthropologie (old – similar here) | Necklace | Ring: Bryan Anthonys

The weather is actually starting to get pretty chilly around these parts so I’ve been wearing jeans a bit more often *gasp!* and white jeans have always been among my favorites. This one actually has a fun, subtle floral pattern embossed on them! I styled them with this AMAZING ruffle sweatshirt that I have being wearing incredibly too much (is it bad that I want the other colors?). It’s just so perfect and deserves all the heart eyes. I topped it off with my absolute favorite coat ever. This is another item that I wear way too often. If I run out for errands on any given day, chances are that I will grab this coat. It looks incredible styled casually or dressed up. I finished it off with my glittery grey heels, grey saddle bag, dainty necklace and ring and a sparky headband. Viola!

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On to the Q&A!  A few months ago, I realized that I keep a large portion of myself hidden from this online world. There was an overwhelming response from a couple of my posts that had asked for me to share more of myself on here so I decided to do a Q&A where you could email me any question you’d like to know about me, blogging or anything else. I was surprised to receive so many responses! I’ve picked seven questions to share with you today and will plan answer the rest in a future Q&A 🙂 Enjoy!

What advice would you give to a beginning blogger?

I could write an entire post on this (and I actually have one in the works lol!) so I’ll keep this kind of short. Firstly, be patient. Work hard and be consistent in your posting. Always make sure that you are growing…whether that’s writing, photography, social media, or just growing as a person, you should always be evolving in one way or another. Network with other bloggers, brands and followers/readers. Be engaged with your audience. Be authentic ALWAYS and stay true to yourself no matter what.

How long have you been playing guitar?

I’ve been playing for 15 years (holy cow!) and teaching for 10. I am self taught and also play piano, bass guitar, banjo, violin, and ukulele. One of these days, I’ll have to share a video 🙂

(and if you’re wondering, yes…I do rock out in my tulle skirts haha!)

Where do you like to shop for petites?

Oh gosh, I shop everywhere! I don’t usually shop specifically for petites because it’s so hard to find petite sizes and they can fit strange sometimes. If I do buy petite, it’s usually in jeans, coats and maxi dresses. J.Crew, Anthropologie and Asos usually have a great petite selection, but it’s very limited. For this reason, I usually just buy normal sizing and alter if needed. (For reference, I am 4’11”) My husband is on the opposite side of the spectrum as he’s very tall so we have a very hard time finding clothing for him as well.

What are some of your hobbies?

I have SO many! Aside from playing music, I am also an artist. I draw figures and portraits mostly and my favorite mediums are pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pastels and any kind of paint. I also really love yoga, hiking, reading and traveling. I am also enjoying learning more about photography.

Do you have any tips for growing your Instagram?

SO MANY! I am in the process of writing a post as well as an e-course on Instagram growth and I can talk about IG all day long, so I’ll summarize a bit. Be intentional about what you post. Stay true to yourself, your “brand” and your aesthetic. Be approachable and build a community (that means…reply to comments, comment back on photos and make new friends by commenting on their photos). Be courteous and kind. Develop a “feed style”…like a color scheme or editing style or a certain kind of aesthetic. Use relevant hashtags. Most of all, be yourself! Don’t get bummed if your account isn’t growing as fast as you’d like or feel bad about yourself if you are not getting the same opportunities that you see others getting. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Be consistent, passionate and willing to learn and good things will come your way 🙂

What camera do you use and how do you edit your photos?

I have just upgraded to a Canon Rebel t6i and it has been a complete game changer! I love it so much. I use Lightroom for editing and am still getting the hang of it, but I absolutely loveee the editing process. For Instagram, I use both VSCO and A Color Story, then finish any remaining editing in the Instagram editor. It’s a tedious process, but I like the way my photos come out. I’ll be writing a post in the future about what I do exactly.

Would you say that your feature on Lauren Conrad’s website was your “tipping point”?

This is a tough question. I’m not really sure. I was only two months into blogging when I was featured on her site. I think that jump started things a bit, for sure, but not to the extent that one might think. I received a ton of page views that day, but they went back down to normal shortly after. I was also featured on the Instagram account three times and while it has brought a few followers, I don’t think it has been the sole contributor to my account growth. Anytime you are reposted or featured on a website, you are introduced to new viewers so it is extremely beneficial in that way. I do think that this whole blogging process has been like a domino effect and has consisted of a series of events leading up to now BUT I also believe that every blogger goes through this process as well, just with different scenarios. One thing that has help immensely is networking like crazy and introducing yourself to everyone. You don’t know what kind of opportunity will come out of it 🙂

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my first ever Q&A. If you’d like another one in the future (even perhaps on Snapchat or Insta stories), just shoot me an email with your questions!

Have a fabulous weekend!



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Kathrine Eldridge

I always love a good black and white look and I am seriously just dyinggg over this pretty sweater. *swoon*


If this is your first time, welcome! If not, welcome back! 🙂

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