Bright White

Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher


Top: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad

Sandals: LC Lauren Conrad

Purse: Kate Spade

Necklace: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s

Bracelet: Kate Spade


Being as it’s spring break, I’ll be posting everyday this week. YAY! 🙂


It’s a very rare thing for me to wear pants. I am very much a skirt and dress kind of girl. I wear jeans on one of two occasions…1.) it’s cold outside and 2.) I’m feeling particularly lazy that day. The students that I taught long term a while back made a comment on this multiple times. When it’s warm outside, I wear skirts and dresses daily…it’s not intentional. They ask “Mrs. H, why don’t you ever wear pants?” or “Mrs. H, you must have a bazillion dresses!” The girls later told me that they always looked forward to my outfits everyday lol! So it was a cold day in November that I first came to school in jeans. The students looked like they had seen a ghost! I’ll just tell you that I was pretty popular that day….students were even taking pictures because they couldn’t believe their eyes. Well, anyway, the commotion died down after repeated pants wearing during the winter months and now they don’t even question it. Sometimes you just gotta wear pants! HA!


I love white pants in particular. My grandma always warned me not to wear light colored pants because they show dirt. I haven’t rolled around in the mud or anything and haven’t had any problems so white pants are here to stay! I especially love wearing them in the spring months…such a great transitional piece. I paired it with a flowy floral peasant top (love peasant tops!), a hot pink bag (so fun!), simple jewelry and *gasp* sandals! You better believe that it’s been over 90 degrees in these parts. It’s spring for crying out loud! Where are my 70 degree days 🙁


Have a great day!

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