Brave in 2015: Starting My Blog

Starting My Blog

Brave in 2015: Starting My Blog


My resolution for 2015: Taking risks.

I do see myself as a risk taker…in fact, I’ve been skydiving 7 times and didn’t blink an eye. But when you open up part of yourself for others to see, it’s completely terrifying. This is the year that I have decided to do just that: Stop worrying about what others think and do things that make me happy without fear of rejection.

Try new and exciting things, travel to places I’ve never been, sing in public…(well, let’s not get carried away) and start a blog to document my personal style journey.

The concept of starting my blog…nonetheless a personal style blog, seems foreign to most. A blog about clothes, you say? Yes. That’s correct. As someone who always dreamed of a future in fashion, I can say that I live this dream everyday just by getting dressed. Of course, material items are not the most important. Clothes do not make a person, but rather inspire a person. I thrive on creativity. It drives me in every aspect of my life and brings me peace. Much like a song can provoke emotion, so can clothing. As silly as it sounds, I look forward to picking out my outfit each morning. Being dressed in a way that makes you feel beautiful makes you happy. Every day is a great day if you look and feel your best.

I hope my blog serves as an inspiration to others and I hope to be inspired as well. I look forward to the future and seeing what stepping out of my comfort zone will bring. You only live once. Be inspired. 🙂

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