Birthday Girl: 32 Fun Facts About Me

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fun facts about me


Can you believe that this is my fifth birthday celebration since I started the blog? Time certainly flies and so much has changed… in the best way, of course 🙂 In fact, I just went down the rabbit hole and re-read all of my old birthday posts. It’s always so incredible to look back to see what I was doing, what I was thinking and how I was feeling during certain time periods. In a way, having a blog is bit like having a personal time capsule!

Today is quite a special day…not only because it’s my birthday (YAYYY!) but also because today marks the end of an era. A lot, and I mean A LOT, has been leading up to this day and I’m feeling such a wide range of emotions – excitement, sadness, anxiety, gratefulness, fear and the purest form of joy. We celebrated with a quick trip up to Lake Tahoe this past weekend (one of my favorite places in the world!) and today, I’m excited to celebrate my birthday with all of you by sharing 32 fun facts about me!


fun facts about me

32 Fun Facts About Me


1.) I’m the hugest Disney fanatic! My favorite princess are Belle and Cinderella (but people always say that I remind them of Alice! ha!).

2.) I’m an INFJ personality type (the most rare one!) and it’s terrifyingly accurate!

3.) My favorite music genre is rock (any kind of rock!) and least favorite is R&B lol! Most people are surprised to learn that I’m a Metallica fan 😉

4.) My ears aren’t pierced. I had an allergy when I was younger and just never got them re-peirced. Hoping to change this soon!

5.) My eyes change color (from green to blue).

6.) I’ve never had braces.

7.) I’m terrified of the dentist.

8.) I’m allergic to mosquitoes.

9.) I have a photographic memory.

10.) I drink water like crazy ( I always have a water bottle or two with me wherever I go).

11.) My all-time favorite movies are: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls, Beauty and the Beast, Step Brothers and Willy Wonka.

12.) I’m obsessed with fireworks. I think they are the most magical thing ever!

13.) I have two closets: one for dresses and one for everything else lol!

14.) I’m and introvert AND an extrovert.

15.) My hair is naturally blonde.

16.) I’m an adrenaline junkie: I love skydiving and roller coasters but am terrified of water slides lol!

17.) At one point, I worked as a “lizard hunter” (biological land surveyor).

18.) I love the smell of campfire.

19.) nI love sweets, especially chocolate and sour candy.

20.) The window seat on an airplane is my favorite.

21.) I always have a candle lit (and have a drawer full so I never run out lol).

22.) Musically, I can play anything with strings (I’m an awful drummer though haha!)

23.) I practice in every art medium with the exception of ceramics (I’m awful at that too lol!).

24.) I can speak French (also took ASL and Spanish).

25.) Most people think I’m taller than I am (I’m 4’11”).

26.) Surprisingly, I don’t really have a favorite flower – I love them all!

27.) I’m fascinated with true crime and the mind of serial killers. Sounds morbid but I find it interesting lol!

28.) Travel is the thing that inspires me most and I love going anywhere, even if it’s just a drive across town.

29.) I love reading maps. And I have no idea why lol!

30.) Lemonade is my favorite thing to drink – I love all flavor combos, but especially love strawberry lemonade.

31.) I’m ALWAYS smiling, dancing and singing.

32.) As a child, I wore poofy dresses and giant bows… not much has changed ha!


I hope you enjoyed learning 32 fun facts about me!

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