Best Devices for Skin Care for At-Home Pampering

Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares the best skin care devices for at-home pampering


Being stuck at home allowed me to do a lot of things that I don’t usually have time to do in my everyday life and I’ve stuck with it! While I’m very much into taking care of my skin and keeping with a regular skincare routine, I’ve devoted even more time to this passion of mine with at-home spa days and luxurious treatments with the best devices for skin care. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to test out various beauty and skin care devices and I’m so excited to share the absolute best devices for skin care with you today!




Best Skin Care Devices for At-Home Pampering



Beautybio GloPRO

I love that I have the option of microneedling at home and this device has made it so easy! It has 540 surgical steel microneedles and LED red light therapy to regenerate and smooth the skin. It also helps skincare products to absorb 200 times more effectively! At first, I was a bit scared to try this since I’m not keen on needles but it doesn’t hurt at all and I’ve noticed that it really helps with my acne. I also love that it comes with a little sanitizing spray bottle to keep it clean.



Foreo Luna 3


This is my latest device for skin care and so far, I’m loving it! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. There are three different versions for each skin type – normal, sensitive and combination. It also has a massage feature on the back and an app to create a specialized routine just for you. You also don’t need to purchase any additional brush heads, which is amazing! I’ve tried it with a variety of different cleansers and it works perfectly. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in the look of my skin – it’s more radiant and youthful looking with less acne!



Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro

Michael Todd has so many amazing beauty tools and this is one of my very favorites! It uses the power of sonic movements, ionic technology and thermal warming to increase the penetration of your anti-aging skincare products. It gently warms to 107 degrees to open pores for better absorption and oscillates 30,000 times per minute to evenly distribute product. It works 8x better than using your hands! I love using this after applying my serum. Since serums penetrate the skin anyway (rather than moisturizers that just sit on top), this mighty little device helps it penetrate even deeper for a more effective skincare routine!



NuFace Trinity

This skincare device is a game-changer! The microcurrent contours and tones the face while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve noticed that a lot of professional spas use this device and I can see why. You can see a difference just after one use! I love that it has different levels and various attachments including an eye attachment and wrinkle reducer red light attachment. I love using this in the morning before I start my skincare routine. In fact, I loved it so much that I got the travel version as well! I also want to note that this is not painful but I have felt little shocks in areas of my face where the gel was applied too thinly. If you apply a generous amount of gel, you won’t feel a thing!



Refa Carat Face and Body Roller

This was my very first skincare device! I adore learning about Asian skincare routines and the products they use to keep their skin looking youthful. The Refa gently massages the face (and body) to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage. With regular use, it tones, tightens and slims the face. The built in solar panel also delivers microcurrents into the skin. They also have additional roller for the eyes and body! I love using this before putting on skincare products to wake up my face.



Skin Gym Rose Quartz Facial Roller

I have both a jade roller and rose quartz roller and just adore them! Facial rollers are great for smoothing, massaging, lifting and refreshing the skin. I keep mine in the fridge and use first thing in the morning to de-puff my eyes and wake up my skin. In fact, I have two of them so I can do both sides of my face at the same time without worrying about it getting too warm.




I hope you loved this round up of the best skin care devices that I’ve used!

Have you used any of these? Which one are you putting on your wishlist?





Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares the best skin care devices for at-home pampering





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