April 2019 Month in Review

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feminine spring outfit idea


April was gone in a flash and I can’t believe May is already here! My 6 year wedding anniversary is coming up and I couldn’t be more excited! I have so much to share in today’s April 2019 month in review and of course, I have two kick in the off with the most “Lizzie” outfit ever!!


pink bow headband

feminine spring outfit idea

April 2019 month in review

April 2019 month in review

April 2019 month in review

feminine spring outfit idea

April 2019 month in review

feminine spring outfit idea

pink bow headband

feminine spring outfit idea

Outfit Details 

Chicwish Dress c/o | Bernardo Heels | Handbag | Alexandre de Paris Headband c/o (see more in this post!) | Angara Ring (see more in this post!)



What’s New?

  • Went on my fist cruise AND went to Mexico for the first time!
  • Took my first ever social media break!
  • Got in a freak car accident in the car wash! I’m okay and my *new* car just got out of the shop so she’s okay too 🙂
  • Had a delicious milkshake at the only existing Woolworth’s diner in the US (which just happens to be local! It was my first time there… I’ve been wanting to go for yeearsss!)
  • Made a few health changes and I’m starting to feel better! I’ll share more below!


What I Watched


  • The Office – Halfway through… again lol! 
  • Hart of Dixie – Currently on season 2!
  • Avengers: Infinity War – My hubby has been DYING to see Endgame so we had to watch this in preparation lol! Who is your favorite Avenger? Mine is Thor 😀
  • Pulp Fiction – Watched this for the very first time!
  • Currently looking for some good classic movies (1940s-60s) to watch… any recs?



  • The hubs has been really into watching this guy called Justin Scarred. He does a lot of Disney videos so that explains a lot haha!


What I Listened To


  • Currently loving ME! from Taylor Swift! Isn’t that the most perfect Lizzie video?!


  • Listening to soooo many different podcasts! Love the Influencer Podcast, Drink with James and the YouTube Power Hour Podcast. 


Where I Went

  • Pretty much anywhere that had a blooming field of wildflowers haha! 
  • Carrizo Plain – Loved seeing the Super Bloom in action! I’ve never seen so many wildflowers in my life <3 See my posts from this location here and here.
  • Ensenada, Mexico – This was my first time to Mexico and it was a nice first trip. We went to visit La Bufadora and the scenery was just gorgeous!


Favorite Outfits From March


Products I Tried 

  • NuFACE Trinity – Currently testing this out and LOVE it! Will be sharing within the next couple of weeks.
  • Snow Teeth Whitening System – Just started this and will share results once I’m finished!
  • Jill Stuart Beauty Products – I’ve been obsessed with these for a while now, but I’ve been reaching for them more nd more for everyday makeup looks.
  • Kai Home Products – Just re-stocked our apartment with some of my faves!!


Most Popular Posts from the Month


Posts from Others That I Loved 


Seasonal Bucket List Check In

You all LOVED my Spring Bucket List post and many of you mentioned creating your own – YAY! Here’s how I did this past month:

  • Go on a Roadtrip to See the “Super Bloom” – Mission accomplished!
  • Plan a Vacation – We leave for our next one on Friday!! Any guesses as to where we’re going?
  • Get Outside More – I’ve been trying to take advantage of this nice weather by going for walks and sitting out on the patio <3
  • Buy Some Cute Workout Wear and hit the gym – so I didn’t buy any cute workout wear BUT I did go to the gym for the first time in months – YAY!
  • Go Through Spring/Summer Wardrobe and Donate – in process!
  • Go on a Cruise – check! 😉


Annual Goals Check In

Anddd of course, I have to check in with my annual goals 😉

  • Make Health a Priority – As you know, I’ve been experienced health issues for quite some time (you can read about it in more detail in this post). In March things got pretty serious so I had some blood work and an ultrasound done. Everything came back negative, so I decided to look more into my diet. Over the past month, I’ve been experimenting with dairy (taking it out and putting it back in for a week at a time) and have noticed an astonishing difference. I took a food intolerance test and just got my results back yesterday and well… let’s just say that I may have FINALLY found the issue(s). I’ve ruled out a ton of things but now I’m pretty certain that stress AND food issues (which could have come from the stress) are the main cause of my symptoms. I will share my results with you on Friday!! Also, unrelated but I now have carpel tunnel  – I cannot get a break haha!
  • Be More Selfish – The older I get, the more important my time becomes. I’ve been learning how to say “no”  to everyone else so I can say “yes” to myself more. This month, I went completely off the grid for the first time in FOUR years… and it felt amazing! Of course, I won’t be disappearing al the time, but it was a really good feeling to have some much needed time to myself.

What I’m Looking Forward to in May

  • My 6th Wedding Anniversary! <3 Where/how should we celebrate? 
  • More travel!
  • Watching the new Avengers movie haha!
  • Making health changes and perhaps an even more life-changing decision. 


Hope you loved my April 2019 month in review!

What did you do in April?



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