Behind the über feminine and creatively curated fairytale world that is Lizzie in Lace is Elizabeth… a Kate Spade obsessed, flower crown wearing, dress twirling kind of girl that believes in wearing tulle skirts for any occasion, eating cupcakes for breakfast, and sporting sequins during the day.

Lizzie in Lace is an online destination for millennials to feel inspired by all things feminine and pretty and is dedicated to creating positivity and happiness while encouraging women to add a little sparkle to their day through colorful and chic fashion, beauty and travel posts.

Created in 2015 as an outlet to share daily outfits, Lizzie in Lace has become it’s own unique brand that women from all over the world visit for fashion inspiration. Elizabeth has an extensive background in fashion design and figure drawing as well as a four year degree in studio art and marketing. Aside from being a visual artist, she is also an accomplished musician on various instruments, most notably guitar and piano.

Her feminine and whimsical style has been showcased in numerous online and print publications such InStyle magazine, ManRepeller and Bakersfield magazine among others. In 2017, she was invited to speak on the mentorship panel for Style Collective and was featured on the Becoming Fearless Podcast. During this time, she also launched her very own phone case design in a collaborative effort with Fifth & Ninth.

Regarding her personal style, Elizabeth is a master at mixing prints, textures and colors for a chic look that is always put-together. Her outfits are delightful and fun yet soft and romantic for a unique mix that is both wearable and bold as well as true to her bubbly personality. She is confident in her clothing choices and enjoys showcasing new trends in a different way while encouraging her readers to be confident in their own skin and to live a fun and fashionable life.

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