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I can’t believe it’s already been nearly a week since my adventure in New York! Today, I’m sharing everything I learned from my first experience at NYFW and things that I wish I knew beforehand. Plus, I’m styling this gorgeous embroidered top from Joules! *heart eyes*

Outfit Details:

Top: Joules c/o | Skirt: Ann Taylor (old) | Heels: Madora | Handbag: Coach (old) | Bracelet: Kate Spade (exact here)

I cannot tell you how much I love this top! When I first saw the Fall collection from Joules, I  squealed with delight and absolutely could not contain myself. There are SO many cute things and you better believe my Fall wardrobe is all stocked up on their amazing pieces. The pink and purple floral embroidery won me over along with the relaxed fit. It’s perfect to tuck into a skirt and also looks amazing with a pair of jeans. Fit is true to size and the quality is superb! I styled it with this lovely purple pleated skirt, light purple heels and a grey handbag for a stylish work look. 

So if you followed along with my stories over the weekend, then you already had a sneak peak into my NYFW adventure…and if you didn’t, I’ll be covering this in a post next week šŸ™‚ This was very first fashion week and I honestly had NO idea what to expect. I was so nervous and had a million unanswered questions, but everything went really well and I’m here to report back with tips for those of you that may be going in the future.

1.) Everything is Last Minute

The OCD in me was going crazy over this! I booked my flight and hotel two months in advance, started pitching to shows three weeks in advance and didn’t hear back until right before/during my trip. It was the craziest thing ever! When I plan trips, I am super organized so this was definitely out of my element.

2.) Up Your Fashion Game

Street style photogs LOVE crazy outfits, bright colors and unique accessories. There are so many stylish people at NYFW and you want to stand out. Definitely stay true to your style, but go out of your comfort zone a bit….or alot. šŸ˜‰

3.) Get Dropped Off a Few Blocks From the Show

Street style photogs are usually on the corners waiting to photograph all the stylish muses as they make their way to the shows. Getting dropped off a few blocks away instead of directly in front of the venue allows ample opportunity to get noticed and ultimately, published. While standing outside of Tibi waiting for our uber, I ended up being photographed by a couple of people and one of those photos ended up bring published on the Manrepeller site!

4.) Bring a Change of Clothes/Shoes

Some people wear different outfits to different shows (I’m one of them, apparently) so definitely pack them in a tote bag or purse. I thought I would have enough time to go back to the hotel to change between shows and it was just too difficult. Also, be sure to bring a pair of flats (preferably the foldible ones) if you plan on wearing heels to the shows. Your feet will thank you!

5.) Make a Detailed Schedule

Before I left, I made a spreadsheet with all of my shows, events, parties, meetings, check-ins, etc. I included the times, days and addresses for each specific event and this was such a life saver! It was so easy just to look at my schedule and see where I needed to be and when, as well as when I had extra time to just explore the city, throw in another event or go to brunch with new blogger friends!

6.) Bring Snacks and Water

I am not kidding when I say that you will not have time for ANYTHING. We were literally in ubers and taxis all day getting from place to place. Most days, I only had time to eat one meal so bringing along snacks and extra bottled water is a must!

7.) Book a Photographer or Bring Your DSLR

This is the one thing I regret. I decided last minute not to bring my camera due to insufficient space. I thought that the camera on my phone would be good enough and it just wasn’t. It’s perfect for videoing shows and events, but not for taking professional photos. I felt that all of my outfits that I carefully planned out were not up to standard due to lack of professional photography resources. Next year, I will save up the extra money for a photog or leave enough space to bring along my own equipment.

8.) Leave Extra Space in Your Luggage

If you’re anything like me, then you over pack like crazy. I had a million outfits BUT ended up with extra space because I used those space-saver bags (highly recommend!). I can’t tell you how much free stuff I got from the shows and events, plus I went a mini-shopping spree at Zara and everything fit perfectly!

Do you have any tips to add?

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