8 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Self Confidence

Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares 8 powerful ways to increase your self confidence


Like most people, self confidence has been one of my lifelong struggles. I always admired the few and far between that always seemed to have it together. I had no idea that it was something that you acquired with practice but rather thought it was merely something you either had or you didn’t. Thank goodness, that’s not true 😉 In my opinion, confidence is a learned behavior which means you can unlearn everything you’ve been taught in the past and relearn how to respect yourself and how to feel comfortable in your skin and who you are as a person. My journey is far from complete and this is something that I work on every single day but I’ve come a long way from where I was and thought I’d share my secrets 😉 Read on for 8 powerful ways to increase your self confidence!


Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares 8 powerful ways to increase your self confidence

8 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Self Confidence


Dress Up

I know that many of us are still in quarantine mode and are living in leggings 😉 But generally speaking, getting dressed up 100% can you feel more confident in yourself. It’s important to find clothing that is flattering, fits correctly and most importantly makes you feel good about yourself!


Start a Self-Care Routine

My self-care routine has helped so much with my confidence, especially my skincare! Developing a consistent routine has smoothed out my skin, given me a more youthful glow and kept my acne under wraps. And although, I’m much more confident in my skin than I used to be, I still do feel more beautiful with a bit of makeup on. Applying makeup is such an easy way to boost your self esteem! Anddd taking care of your hair also helps. I love to using masks, take vitamins and keep my ends trimmed to feel my best. Aa few other ways to increase your confidence in the self-care arena is through diet aand working out.


Posture and Body Language

Not only does posture and body language give you a quick confidence boost but it also conveys to other people that you’er a confident person (even if you’re not quite there). Smiling, being polite, maintaining eye contact, sitting up straight and standing tall are just aa few easy ways to exude confidence. 


Practice Makes Perfect

Much like forming a new habit, you must practice being confident. It can definitely feel a bit strange at first because it can seem unnatural (at least for me, it did) but once you start practicing everyday, it becomes like second nature. 


Remind Yourself of Your Successes

Too often, we forget about how incredible we are and how far we’ve come in our accomplishments. When I start to doubt myself, feel like I’m less than or feel the dreaded imposter syndrome start to creep up, I take a look at what I’ve achieved and it instantly makes me feel more confident in myself and my abilities.


Shift Your Mindset  

Fake it ’til you make it. If you want to become a confident person, act as a confident person would. Implement those tactics into your life and watch it transform. Sometimes all you need to do is shift your mindset and for me, I feel like this was the most challenging part.


Stop Caring About What Others Think

This is SO important! I feel like most confidence issues stem from other people via things that people have said about you or to you. Words hurt. And a lot of times the things that people say are not facts and have less to do with you than it does with them not being happy with themselves. Recognize that you can’t control what other’s say or do, but you can control how you react and whether or not you let it control your life.


Learn to Love Yourself

Personally, I think this is the most important way to increase your self confidence. You have to love who you are (all of it) – flaws and all. Learn to accept yourself and see yourself in a positive light. And try not to compare yourself with others. Self love is so so important <3



To go more in depth on this topic (and all of these tips) and to learn more about my own confidence journey, make sure watch the video below detailing 8 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Self Confidence <3




I truly hope this post was valuable to you and I hope that these tips help you to increase your self confidence! 🙂

Do you have any tips to add? Let me know! 



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Elizabeth Hugen of Lizzie in Lace shares 8 powerful ways to increase your self confidence



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