8 Effective Ways to Make Money Blogging

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make money blogging

If there’s one question I get asked often, it’s this…”How do you make money blogging?” Since the blogging space is a relatively new, people don’t really understand how it actually works as a career. Just like any other entrepreneurial journey, there are usually multiple streams of income involved and A LOT of hard work and today, I’m finally sharing the secret of how to make money blogging šŸ˜‰

make money blogging

make money blogging

make money blogging

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make money blogging

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Last week, I announced that I left my job of five years. A job that provided me with stability, comfort and routine. I instead, chose to fulfill my lifelong dream and passion by choosing something that is the complete opposite: unstable, uncomfortable and unconventional. Many people are often intrigued by the blogging world and find it alluring the the sense that it seems like all glitz and glamour all the time. People see beautiful photographs, dreamy vacations and gorgeous clothing but fail to see the YEARS of  hard work that goes on behind the scenes to get the point of actually becoming a business. I want to preface by saying this: You absolutely 100% have to be in for the right reasons and have to have a relentless passion (aka obsession haha!) for whatever you choose to share and cannot go into it with the intention of solely making money, becoming “famous” or getting “free” things. If you, however, genuinely love sharing your passion with others in hopes of inspiring them and making their life easier and dream of a life where you can make a career out of the thing you love the most, this post is for you šŸ˜‰ Below are 8 effective ways you can make money blogging!


1.) Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are usually the starting point for most bloggers. These are links used in your post that can potentially generate a small commission when used (either pay-per-click or pay-per-sale). They are easy to use and it’s a great way to get passive income. I recommend using an affiliate network such a RewardStyle, ShopStyle or Amazon but some brands will even have their own affiliate programs as well.


2.) Banner Advertising

Banner advertising works in the pretty much the same way that affiliate links do (either pay-per-click or pay-per-sale) except with the use of banners ads placed either on the sidebar, header, footer or even in posts. Sometime you can get banner ads from affiliate networks, but Share-A-Sale and Commission Junction are great resources as well. You can even implement something like Google Adsense to create very targeted ads or sell ad space to interested brands.


3.) Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts work a lot like traditional advertising. Typically, a brand will have an influencer promote a product, service or brand as a whole in their blog post, video or social media (or any mix of those). They usually come from networks or directly through a brand or agency and although, there is a lot more work involved, it can be very rewarding and creatively fulfilling. One thing I should note with this is that I think it’s of upmost importance to only promote products or brands that you truly love, trust and think would benefit your readers.


4.) Product Development

Product development is a vertical that some bloggers decide to delve into later on. This can be a physical product such as a clothing collection, a book or even something like the phone case I created or a digital product such as an e-book, Lightroom presets or a course. I think that a physical product usually works well when you have a loyal and engaged following but a digital product is much easier develop. Some bloggers have even gone the route of selling items through Etsy, an online boutique or even a Brick and Mortar store.


5.) Services & Freelancing

Services and freelancing are another profitable option for bloggers, especially those that are highly skilled in certain areas. Services are easy to provide to clients and can work as an extension of your blog or even as a separate business. These services can include social media marketing, consulting, copy writing, photography, videography, styling services, graphic design or being a virtual assistant


6.) Event Hosting

Event hosting is great for those with a really loyal and engaged following. Hosting events can be overwhelming and are usually very work intensive but are a great way to connect with readers on a deeper level.


7.) Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is typically someone that works long term with a brand (usually one that they already have an established relationship with). They are kind of like the “face” of a brand and although an ambassadorship can be work intensive as well, it’s a great way to deepen relationships with both a brand and readers.


8.) Closet Clean Out

This one is probably more reserved for fashion bloggers haha! If you blog about fashion, then chances are that you have an ever changing wardrobe. Cleaning out your closet is a good way to make additional income and to get rid of clutter and older gently used or unworn clothing is to sell on apps and websites like PoshMark and eBay. In fact, some people’s primary income comes from these sites! For higher end items, I recommend using an upscale consignment shop or looking into websites such as Tradesy, TheRealReal and StockX for reselling.


I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

Were there any ways that surprised you? Any you want to add or any other blogging questions? Let me know in comment below <3




**If you want more tips, be sure to check out other articles from my Business of Blogging series. And if you love this post, feel free to share with others and pin for later use!


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