4 Reasons Why Rejection is Okay


Hi pretties! Happy September!

I hope you are having the best day!.I’m soooooo excited for the weekend 😀 Today, I’m styling this incredible Eliza J dress (in pink, of course!) and talking all about rejection and why, sometimes, it’s a good thing!









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Dress: Eliza J c/o | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman via The Shoe Box | Handbag: Tory Burch | Necklace: Rocksbox  (get a free month here or use my Rocksbox code ELIZABETHBFF651) | Ring: Rocksbox  (get a free month here or use my Rocksbox code ELIZABETHBFF651)


Another day, another pink dress…except this one has the most amazing sleeves I’ve ever seen! This dress is so perfect for work (or any occasion, really) and is incredibly well-made. Since I am pear-shaped and have a waist ratio must larger than my waist and top half, I tend to steer clear of more fitted dresses. I decided to try this one anyway and found that it was very true to size. It fit my top half very well,  but was a bit tighter on the bottom. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but now I’m actually really liking the fit on me! I styled it with a pair of classic nude sandals, my favorite quilted handbag and some fun gold jewelry. 🙂


4 Reasons Why Rejection is Okay


Anyway, I wanted to talk about rejection today because I feel like it is SO important and something that we can all relate to. Rejection can be very hard to cope with as it can make us feel as if we aren’t good enough. This is especially true in the blogging world. I never realized just how much I would be rejected throughout this process…and it’s been a lot. I have been rejected by brands, other bloggers and even people that are close to me that just don’t understand this whole blogging thing. A lot of emails that I send reaching out to brands go without a response. A lot of opportunities that I apply for are denied. A lot of the fashion shows I pitched for NYFW came back declined. A lot of bloggers that I reach out to to befriend don’t feel the same way. It stings a little each time I receive a “No,” and for some, that’s enough to give up. When you put yourself out there to be in the public eye, it can be even harder to cope. It’s brings about feelings of anxiety, depression and hopelessness, but I’m here to tell you that rejection is completely normal and sometimes, can end up being a good thing.



1.) There could be something better waiting for you


I can’t tell you how many times in my life that this has applied. Sometimes, when you get rejected, it’s because there is something even more amazing waiting in the midst for you and you wouldn’t have this opportunity had you been accepted. This goes back to the “everything happens for a reason” notion. You physically cannot do everything and be everything and sometimes things will have to be sacrificed, even if you don’t know why. Just trust that all things work together for good and for your benefit.


Example: A few weeks ago, I shared my blogging story with you all. I went through a lot to get to this point (and even more that I didn’t disclose). I was rejected left and right when I trying to go into fashion design. I didn’t understand why everyone else could have their dream job and I couldn’t. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t use my artistic talent and training along with the passion that burned so deeply to move forward with this career. I didn’t understand why I had to go through so many bad things. I was a good student, a good person and seemingly perfect for a career in fashion, but it just wasn’t the right time. It was absolutely painful, but this entire process led me to start this fashion blog, which has become a passion that I never knew I had and has opened more doors than I even thought possible.


2.) It makes you stronger


Rejection hurts! Sometimes even physically. It take a strong individual to keep getting up after being knocked down repeatedly. But each time you get rejected, it gets easier and hurts a little bit less. You learn more about yourself and become empathetic to others. I can’t tell you how many iconic and famous people that have been rejected over and over and over, yet they are some of the most successful people today! (Anna Wintour, Oprah, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, Michael Jordan, Mark Cuban, the list goes on…)


3.) It’s not always personal


This is something that I have aways struggled with. When I was rejected for whatever reason, I would feel SO upset. Usually in the past, this was caused by friends and family but that’s a story for another day. 🙂 In business, it is definitely not personal and I have learned to cope with this. Hearing “No” does not mean “No” forever. It just means not right now. Perhaps, you have more growing to do or it’s not the right time and that is completely okay! Your time will come and it will be worth the wait 🙂


4.) It teaches you a lesson


Sometimes, rejection teaches us a lesson and we have to re-evalutate things. There are so many situations in life that are difficult: maybe you were fired from your job, your boyfriend broke up with you, your friends stopped hanging out with you, an offer on a house fell through, etc. There are reasons for these things happening. Perhaps, you absolutely hated or weren’t good at that job you got fired from…the guy you were dating just wasn’t a good fit for you…your old group of friends didn’t have your back….the house fell through because something better was in store elsewhere. As hard as these situations are, rejection is vital in moving forward and makes room for blessings in the future.


I hope you have an amazing holiday weekend!





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